Saturday, September 26, 2015


A king, with his small army, was fighting very bravely. But then he saw many of his soldiers being killed quickly.
He knew that the enemy king was stronger and mightier, and had a much bigger army than him.
He knew that because he had a small army, he would surely lose.
His soldiers had started running aay from the field; this made him very sad.
He knew that he had almost lost. He turned his horse and rode off the field.
He didn't want to see anyone. So he went towards the hills. There he saw a cave. He went inside and lay down.
He felt bad as he knew that his losing this battle meant that he would lose his kingdom.
His palaces, his cities and the whole state would be taken over by his enemy. He thought of his dear queen and his sons, and his eyes filled with tears.
All of a sudden, his eyes fell on a spider spinning a web.
He knew that spiders could spin strong webs, in which insects would be caught.
It took a long time for the spider to spin a web. First, it swung from one end to another. Then it wove lines in between.
The king looked at the spider working so hard. The spider spun a very big web and then, it went to one side waiting for insects to stick to it, so that the he could eat them.
Suddenly, the king's horse neighed outside and a bird flew off near the king.
The bird's wings scraped against the web and the web was completely broken.
The king felt very sad for the spider and waited to see what he would do next.
The spider came again and stated spinning all over again. This time it spun an even bigger web.
Suddenly, a gust of wind blew and the web was carried away with it but the spider reminded on the wall.
Again, the watched to see what the spider would do, as the second web had also been spoiled.
The king watched to see what the spider would do, as the second web had also been spoiled.
The king sat up thought, "The spider has not given up though its web has been broken twice. How brave the spider is1 I should learn from him. If a small creature like a spider has not lost his will, then I, a king must not give up hope. I should not run away from my responsibilities. I will fight again."
The king got up and rode his horse. He collected all his men again and marched towards the battlefield. He was surprised to see some of his brave men still fighting. His heart was filled with a deep sense of gratitude for those loyal soldiers.
The king shouted to all his soldiers, "We have to win. We will not give up till we die." With a new found will and strength, the king and his soldiers attacked the enemy and fought a fierce battle.
 The soldiers were inspired by their king's confidence. They pledged to fight and win the battles.
Even though many soldiers were hurt and killed, no one left the field. They fought till end with lot courage.
In the end, the king won even though his army had been small. The other army ran away from the battle field.
all the soldiers celebrated their victory, and the king promised to give them many rewards.
All the soldiers shouted, "Long live te king! We ae so lucky to have such a brave king who does not give up. Hip hip Hurrah! Hip hip Hurrah!
But t king closed his eyes and thanked the spider for the loesson he had taught him. He remained grateful to t spider who had unknowingly given him the courage to face his enemies.

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