Saturday, September 26, 2015


John was very happy that day. It was his birth day, and his father had given him some money to spend.
John thought that he would go and buy lots of books and new toys for himself. He loved to read books
But, he felt sad that he would have to go alone because his parents were very busy
He rained ariybd teg narjet. Then he saw a thin boy of nearly his age, crossing the road. The boy tripped and fell down on the road.
He looked very pale and it seemed that the boy had not eaten for several days.
John felt a sudden rush of fear when he sae a car coming fast towards that boy on the road.He had to do something or the boy could be killed. The car was too fast. John knew that the car would not be able to stop in time to save the boy.
John quickly jumped onto the road, pulled the boy and rolled with him onto the other side.
It was just before the car crossed over. Had Hohn not acted so quickly. The boy would have surely been crushed under the speeding car.
All the people praised John for saving the boy, but brave John was looking at the boy.
The  boy looked very week and poor. John said, "I am Johid you fall on the n. What is your name?”
My name is James. Thank you John for saving me? Said the boy, gratefully.
“But why did you fall on the road?” asked John.
I don’t know. Everything became dark suddenly,” said James.
“Let me take you to your parents. Where do you live? Asked John.
“I don’t have parents and I live on the side of this street, n that big pipe over there,” answered James.
John asked , “But why?
“My parents died in an accident two months back and I lived with them” replied James.
“So you are alone? Asked John.
“Yes, I am alone” answered James.
“Do you work?” asked John.
“I used to clean cars in a garage but the garage has closed down too,” said James.
“Have you eaten breakfast?” asked John.
“I have not had anything to ear for three days” replied James.
John took James to a restaurant.
John said, “Come and eat, James”
NO my mother told me never to beg” said James.
“Will you be my friend, James? Asked John hopefully.
“Yes, said James smilingly.

“Then today is my birthday. Won’t you celebrate with me? If you don’t eat, I will feel bad” said John.

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