Saturday, September 26, 2015


So both of them sat down and had food. John could see how hungry James was, yet he did not eat greedily.
James said, “Thank you, John. That was wonderful.”
“I am glad you liked it,” said John.
“Why are you alone on your birthday? Asked John.
“Yes” nodded James happily. Both of them walked home and James saw the house where John lived.
“You have a big house” said James.
“What is the use of a big house when I am alone most of the time? Oh! What a surprise! The car is here. That means my parents have come back” said John.
James said, “Now let me go”
But John caught his hand and pulled him alone. His driver saw him and hurriedly came towards him.
The driver said, “John your parents are looking for you. Where were you? They have arranged a birthday party for you”
John then pulled James to his room upstairs. James was quite amazed to see all the beautiful things in John’s room. He had never seen anything like this ever before.
John showed him all his fancy toys and games. James played video games and was so happy that he forgot that he was not meant to be there. James had never had so much fun in his life; he was enjoying every single moment of it.
Then John took out a new set of clothes and said, “James, wear this. You are a little thin but we are of the same height. You will look very good in these clothes.”
He then took him to the washroom, and asked him to bathe and wear the new clothes.
James protested, but John did not give him a chance to speak and told him to hurry up. Once James had worn the costly clothes, he looked very handsome.
John then took James down to the party. His parents hugged John lovingly and he said, “Mom and Dad meet my new friend, James.”
Then John introduced him to all his friends. James was quite shy at first but soon made friends with them. He had a real good time with John and his friends.
John cut the birthday cake and he gave the first piece to his parents and then to James.
They danced and played games. Then John gave return gifts to his friends.
When all the guests had left. John changed back into his own clothes and started walking out of John’s house. But John stopped him.
He took him to his parents and said, “I know you give me everything and love me a lot. Will you please give me something special today?”
Hs father smiled and said, “Yes, ask us for anything you want”
“You both are very busy and I remain alone at home. So please, can James stay here with me, always? Asked John.
John told his parents all about James who was alone in this world. James was surprised when John’s parents agreed to let him stay.
John jumped with joy because he had began to like James a lot.
John’s mother said, “James, from today you are like my son, and you will go to school with John.”
“Oh thank you so much! Said James and touched their feet in gratitude.

James and John lived happily and lovingly with their parents, ever after.

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