Thursday, September 17, 2015


Dheikh chilli went to cut wood one day from the forest. He felt happy to be there because the weather was very pleasant.
Then he sat on a branch and started cutting it.
He started realize that he was cutting the same branch on which he was sitting.
He started daydreaming as he ants were going to their king and the king would come wearing a crown.
The king would then talk to sheikh and look after him and he would have a wonderful time.
Just then a man shouted, "Be careful or you will fall."
Sheikh chilli turned around to the man standing below and said, "What you say?"
"Be careful. You are cutting the branch on which you are sitting. You will fall," said the man.
Just then the branch broke and sheikh chilli fell, but he was lucky.
H did not get hurt because he felt on a heap of leaves.
Sheikh got up and asked that man. "How did you and asked that man, "How did you know that I was going to fall? Can you tell about the future?"
"Yes of course," said the man cunningly.
He was telling a lie. He was a tailor and did not know how to read the future at all.
He had understood that Sheikh was a fool and so he wanted to make some quick money.
Sheikh walked to him and requested, "Please tell me about my future."
"You will have to give me one rupee for it, "demanded the tailor.
"I have one anna. It is less than a rupee so just tells me how long I will live," sheikh asked the tailor.
The tailor said, "Death is night behind you. You will not live very long. No one can save you from an early death."
Sheikh felt very afraid but felt relieved when the said, "I am giving you a holy thread. Till you keep wearing it, you will not die."
The tailor took out a black thread that he had and tried it around the neck of sheikh's neck.
Sheikh came home and told his wife Fawzia. She burst out laughing and removed the threats from around his neck.
She declared, "That man has fooled you. He did all this just to take your money."
Sheikh lay down on the floor. Fawazia asked, "What is the matter?"
Sheikh lamented, "You have cut the black thread which was the thread of my life. Now I am dead."
Just then his mother came in and got alarmed to see sheikh lying on the floor.
Fawzia told her what had happened. Sheikh repeated, "I am dead. I am not on earth."
His mother shouted, "No. you are not dead. You are on earth in your own house."
But sheikh refused to believe it. He kept lying on the saying, "I am dead."
Then his wife refused to believe it. He kept lying on the floor saying, "I am dead."
Then his wife interrupted him naughtily, "Mother, your son says he is dead. Now he cannot eat the sweets you have bought. Give them to me. It will throw them into the dustbin."
At once Sheikh got up because he loved sweets. He exclaimed, "No! Don't throw the sweets. I have come back to life."

Fawzia and sheikh chilli's mother had a good laugh.

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