Tuesday, September 8, 2015


A holy man came to Sheikh's village to preach the people to pray to God several times every day.
He told them, "If you all pray regularly, then God will give you a buffalo as a reward."
Sheikh really wanted a buffalo. He had often dreamt that if he had a buffalo he would become rich. But Sheikh did not want to be fooled.
He thought and thought.
Finally Sheikh said to the holy man "There must be some trick in this. What if we don't get a buffalo?"
The holy man replied, "God is great Try it out."
From that day Sheikh became very regular in saying his prayers. He said his prayers many times a day sometimes even skipping his meals, surprising everyone for everyone knew that he was fond of eating.
After a month he waited outside his house for a buffalo. When the buffalo did not come, Sheikh went to the holy man to ask him about the buffalo.
"I didn't get a buffalo though I prayed. Tell God to give me a buffalo," said Sheikh.
The holy man said, "God can't give you a buffalo. You have to buy it."
Sheikh said, "You told us that we would get a buffalo. I have prayed regularly, I must get one."
The holy man said, "I had said that you will get a buffalo just to make you pray to the Almighty."
"So it was a trick, "shouted Sheikh.
The holy man replied. "This was not a trick. It was just a way to make you pray."
Sheikh shouted, "It was a trick, Do you think I am stupid? I understood everything, so I have been clever too."
"How?" asked th holy man.

Sheikh answered, "I did not pray. I just moved my lips. See I fooled everyone. Ha! Ha! Ha! See how clever I am!

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