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71. The Key to Cognition of Mantra-Vidya

Our universe is a limitless 'ocean' of continuous flow of infinitely many enerty-waves, of which, only a few - namely, the audible and the ultra and infra sound waves; ultra violet and infrared light rays; X-rays, Gamma rays, Lasers, Microwaves etc - have been discovered and utilized via the modern scientific research. The wave lengths of these waves measure in a wide range - from angstroms, microns and millimeters to centimeters and meters. The frequency (vibrations) and hence the energy and properties - of these waves also differ drastically.
The properties of 'physical sound' have significant relation with the five basic elements (panca tatvas) of Nature's manifestation. for instance, the velocity (in ft/sec) of the sound waves propagated along the flow of air is about 1088; along the flow of water is about 4900; and along the vibrations in the earth is about 16400. The essential practices and rituals of Pranayama, Arghdana, Dipa-Dhupa and Havan - often prescribed along with the mantra-sadhanas - are indeed associated with the conditioning of mind for soothing effects of the sonic powers of the basic elements of air (vayu), water (jala) earth (prathvi) and sun, fire and heat (agni).
Our ears and mouth (and the vocal-cord) play very important role in hearing and pronunciation of a wide variety of sounds and are therefore of significant importance in the experiments of Nada Yoga and Sabda Yoga. No transducer or any advanced technological device could be so sensitive and perfect as these 'natural devices' are. Our ears can simultaneously catch different frequencies of sound in the audible range. so efficient is their connection with the brain that, for a blind person, the ears also work like the eyes - a blind person can recognize different objects by sensing the latter's sound (vibrations).
The relation of mind with the functioning of the ears is equally remarkable. At times, in absent-minded states or because of the disinterest or indifference of our mind, we do not really hear - what the person sitting next to us is telling…… ! Whereas murmuring at some distant place can also be heard by us if our mind keenly concentrates there….. Such familiar experiences clearly explain the need of mental concentration and meditation during mantra japa and other exercises of the Sabda and Nada-Yogas.
The importance of manasika japa also is obvious in the above context. Although, a mantra is enunciated only mentally in this practice of Sabda Yoga, its (the mantra's vibrations are well received in the connecting sensors of the tongue and the ears and are hence registered in the brain as per its sonic pattern and the 'mental signals' of its sadhaka.

In the sadhanas of Nada Yoga, the ears are trained by deep meditation and willpower to grasp the otherwise non-audible sounds existing in the cosmic expansion. By such practices, the sadhaka, while performing the mansika japa of a mantra, can hear (link his mind with) the subliminal sound of this mantra and can thereby attract the corresponding energy-currents of the omnipresent Sabda. This in short is the secret of the supernatural powers attainable by the mantra vidya.

70. The Key to Cognition of Mantra-Vidya

The seekers of Mantra Vidya - the philosophy and science of mantras, should first accomplish four prerequisites. These concern with the integrity and piety of character, strengthening of mental stability and concentration, refinement of vani and awakening of faith and sraddha in divine disciplines and sentiments of goodwill, love and equality for all the living beings….. Sincere attempts and determined pursuit for inculcation of these virtues is an integral part of all spiritual endeavors including the mantra sadhanas.
Differnent kinds of Yama-Niyama (yoga disciplines) and training practices are prescribed as essential lessons in the elementary phase of Mantra Vidya. The most important and common yama-niyama include - Brahmacarya,; self-restrain over the tongue with respect to se=peech as well as eating habits; sincere attempts to abate the ego and selfish desires; creativity, active participation. contribution in social service with serene sentiments of love and compassion, respect for others, etc.
Thought control over speech and thoughts, use of affectionate and respectful language in day-to-day conversation, practices of phonetics and music for proper pronunciation and for consistency of accents, rhythm, amplitude, and simple (elementary) exercises of Nada Yoga and Sabda Yoga provide substantial support in refining the Baikhari and the Madhyama Vanis. Strict observance of truth in every aspect of life is desired for further refinement of vani and awakening of Sraddha.
Belief in the existence of thy-love and thy-disciplines and hence in the divine principles and high moral values, and acceptance of the same through thoughts, deeds and inner emotions help arousal of sraddha hidden in the inner self. Sraddha is the ultimate support for one's challenging struggle against his own vices and untoward samskaras during spiritual enlightenment. the holy Gita states that one is what one's sraddha is …. Sraddha and faith in the power of a mantra add specific force of consciousness in its sadhaka and thus activate his vani with the consonant energy of Sabda.

The role of vani is more obvious in the process of mantra japa and so is the relation between sound and mantras. The realization of the power of sound has led to the advanced scientific developments of infrasonic to ultra and supersonic applications in the present times. Noting that - the functional power of a mantra largely resides in its sonic configuration, it should be possible by scientific developments in related areas to use the supersonic power of mantras and invent the constructive applications that appear 'unimaginable' today.

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Person with Good Moral Conduct

Meaning: According to the line of Rigved 1/41/8 — "Those who befriend people who are religious and with good conduct, protect them and honor them with good dealing, meals, clothes etc, they always get happiness. One should always be away from wicked people. Those who befriend religious souls are learned."
Message: The relationship of father and son, mother and son and husband and wife exist in animal species also, even though it may be for a short time only. But the 'Guru-shishya' relationship i.e. the one between the teacher and the student, more specifically the one between the saint or sage and the disciple exists only among human beings. Animals and birds do not impart their knowledge and skill to others. This specialty is in human beings only. It is man's natural activity to give others the benefit of his knowledge and to benefit through others. Man constantly gives and takes knowledge, experience, imagination and feelings or sentiments. Because of this specialty only, the tradition of 'Guru and shishya' has developed.
Animals of various types are physically more powerful compared to man, but in intelligence, only man is the best and the fruit of knowledge available through this intelligence is in itself like nectar. Everything in the world is perishable. Man also is subject to death, but becomes immortal because of his knowledge. There is great importance of sympathy and compassion in human-life. It is animalism to use alone whatever is available. The activity of distributing the available so that others too benefit by it, makes the person a human being. A Guru gives not only the knowledge from the books, but also contributes to a man's culture. Only school-teachers or some people in charge of a hermitage are not the only teachers. We keep on learning something or other from innumerable religious men of good conduct. Sometimes we come into contact with such people whose conduct has molded our conduct, whose life has influenced our life, whose personality has shaped our personality. Without their saying anything, we imitated them and learnt quite a lot.
It is man's pious duty to serve, welcome and honor such learned great men. The friendship of such men is always helpful in increasing the god qualities within us, and brings happiness, peace and prosperity.
But today, the situation has turned upside-down. Why blame the teacher only? Everywhere in the society uncultured men with bad tendencies are found. At a very tender age,, the minds of children are influenced with very bad type of culture. As a result, all-round indiscipline and anarchy prevail. Wherever you see, you find wicked men of bad conduct. Men of good conduct can be counted on fingertips only. Even then if we wish, good men also can be found.
We must always protect ourselves from wicked men of bad conduct and keep friendship of religious, gentlemanly persons of god conduct only.

Maa vo dhanantum maa shapantum
prti voche devayantum

sumnairidva aa vivaasay. (Rigved 1/41/8)

Path of Moral Goodness

Meaning: The line of Rigved 1/97/3 has given us the key information about character formation. According to the line we can explain as — "Man should worship God, tread the good path but he develops grace only when he takes others on the path of worship of God and the path of moral goodness."
Message: The reason for the progress of man, compared to other animals, is only because of his socially collective attitude. His nature of mixing and helping each other has made him progress in various fields such as education, health, culture, science, architecture, etc. Marriage, family, caste sect, nation etcetera are also formed because of this tendency only. Man has understood that he can progress only by mixing and cooperating with each other, and not by remaining aloof. Similarly he can also remove his difficulties and faults.
This attitude is also necessary in the spiritual field. We may worship God, conduct ourselves according to religious rules and tread the path of moral goodness, but is life possible when all around in the society there is the pollution of bad customs, bad thinking and bad culture? Can our worship and spiritual endeavor be meaningful in such an atmosphere?
Along with increasing the spiritual wealth within us and along with the adoption of good conduct and good activities we will also have to exert for the eradication of demoniac activities. For this purpose the qualities of abnegation, restraint, service, love and helping others have to be adopted.
In the majority of men and society the collective process gets reduced because of the tremendous strength of demoniac elements and as compared to the gentleness in divinity. The real adoration of God lies only in removing this imbalance. Wicked temptations are capable enough to trap man in their net. With that, only his selfishness and ego increases and his activities for children, money and praise for the self increase. He looks only at his self-interest and does not shy away from harming others. It is well-known that gentlemen are of a quiet, peaceful and simple nature and do not like to come into conflict with wicked, demonic elements. Only because of this attitude of theirs to avoid conflict, the wicked people get encouragement. Thus they go on increasing disturbances and anarchy in the society. The gap between good and bad people widens even more. Real 'Ishwar-Bhakti' (i.e. worship of God) lies in reducing this gap, reforming the wicked persons and making them full of divine qualities. That only is called spirituality and religiousness.
The detailed structure of spirituality is made only for the purpose that all the men in the society adopt within their hearts the thoughts, trust, sentiments and culture, for reducing their individual selfishness and in becoming enthused for changing their inferiority into greatness and in trying to merge their souls with the supreme for spiritual development.
The peace and happiness of man and world is dependent only on this sentiment in his heart for collectiveness or togetherness, which inspires all to tread the path of goodness.
With that only is formed the character of the nation.

Pra yadbhandishtha eshaam
praasmaakasashcha surayaha

apa naha shoshuchagham (Rigved 1/97/3)

Of Passion and Compassion

We know what passion is hence it is not very difficult to understand what compassion may be Passion means a state of biological fever - it is hot. You are almost possessed by biological unconscious energies. You are no longer your own master, you are just a slave.
Compassion means you have transcended biology and physiology. You are no more a slave, you are master. Now you function consciously. You are not driven, pulled and pushed by unconscious forces; you can decide what you want to do with your energies. You are totally free. Then the same energy that becomes passion is transformed into compassion.
Passion is lust, compassion is love. Passion is desire; compassion is desire-less-ness. Passion is greed, compassion is sharing. Passion wants to use the other as a means; compassion respects the other as an end unto himself or herself. Passion keeps you tethered to earth, to mud and you never become a lotus. Compassion makes you a lotus. You start rising above the muddy world of desires, greed and anger. Compassion is a transformation of your energies.
Ordinarily you are scattered fragmentary. Some energy is being absorbed by your anger, some by your greed, by your lust, and so on. You are left hollow, empty.
All your energy keeps on going down the drain. When all these energies are no longer being wasted they start filling your inner lake, your inner being. You become full. A great delight arises in you. When you start overflowing you have become a Buddha and you have come upon an inexhaustible source.
Compassion is a key word, but you will understand it only if you go deep into meditation. Meditation is the key to transform passion into compassion. You will have to become more conscious. Right now you are unconscious.
We live like robots…. The more like a robot you are the better you function, the better the society feels with you - because it is a society of robots. To be awakened, alert, and conscious is dangerous. It is a society of blind people; to have eyes, to become.
Socrates says, "If you know that you don't know, that is a great beginning. Then it is possible for you to know". To be aware that "I am ignorant" creates the possibility of seeking searching in your own interiority for the truth - for your truth.
Compassion is the ultimate transformation of passion. You are in passion, but you go on thinking that you are right as you are. You go on defending yourself. And anything that disturbs your comfortable, mechanical life, you go against…

When you come to me you don't come to be awakened, you come to me so that you can dream beautiful, sweet dreams. That is your purpose in coming; that is not my purpose in being here. Once you are here you are caught. Then, slowly, slowly I start taking your dreams away. Then slowly, slowly I go on destroying your illusions. Once your illusions are dropped, your dreams shattered, a great awakening is waiting you for you - a great awakening which makes you a Buddha. And compassionate. 

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69. Hidden Roots of Mantra Sadhana and Its Success

The working principles of a mantra are as scientific as that of a machine. The designing, controlling and efficient functioning of the technological devices/ machines is possible because their development is based on (engineering) sciences. The engineering, physical and biological sciences largely focus on the structure and function of different kinds and forms of matter and aim at deciphering the universal laws governing these. The applications developed thereby are therefore suitable only for material forms and mediums - at micro or macro levels - including such components inside the living bodies.
The spiritual sciences focus on the existence and expression of the other, the subliminal and more important half of Life and Nature, namely - the mind and the inner cores of consciousness. Mantras are the means for experimental studies and applications in the science of consciousness and spirituality. Mantras are as integral parts of the spiritual sciences as the Yantras (machine/ instruments) are of the material based sciences.
The development of material based science has endowed the human society with enormous gifts like the powers of fire, thermal energy, electricity and electronics, magnetism, atomic energy, sound, photonics, etc. The scientific investigations 'discoveries and technological advancement have been possible because of the evolved consciousness of human mind. Even the 'so called' automatic devices are designed, developed and directly or indirectly controlled, operated and used only by the conscious beings. The value of technological  progress would have been negligible like the 'hidden treasures beneath the deep oceans……, - had there been no living being to employ it. The existence and worth of matter and related sciences gains meaning only because of the co-existence of sentient world. Consciousness appears to be the perennial and paramount entity in the existence and manifestation of Nature and the Universe.
The science of spirituality deals with the expressions, manifestations and evolution of consciousness. The domain of its studies could be divided into two parts - one dealing with the panda (micorcasm) and the other with the Brahmanda (the cosmic macrocosm). One branch of this science focuses on the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and inner sentiments like faith and sraddha and the other on the external domains of jnana - knowledge about the universe and the universal self, and karma in the Brahmanda. All the experiments - like yoga, tapasya, Sadhana …., etc - of spiritual sciences are based on the theory of jnana and the practicing of karma.
The individual consciousness is a reflection of the omnipresent Supreme Consciousness. There is no life in the body without the individual consciousness. The expression of the individual self as a being is also governed by this eternal source - the individual consciousness. Strengthening of this 'vital spiritual force' of life is possible only by activating its subtle linkage with the omnipresent, eternal Supreme Consciousness. Mantra sadhanas are indeed the scientific experiments designed for this purpose. Such experiments - on stimulating the sublime powers of the individual self, are analogous to the processes of recharging of electrical power generators to enable the connecting device function efficiently.
Regular consumption of oxygen, water and food is essential for the healthy sustenance of a living body. The strength and health of the very source of its life- the individual consciousness - similarly needs a constant energizing of its sublime linkage with the divine consciousness. This relationship is more intimate and crucial than, say, that between - a child and a mother; or, the formation of clouds and the sea water …… etc. An individual consciousness, without an active connection with thy consciousness, is simply like a reservoir of vital energy that somehow maintains the routine physiological, physicochemical and biological functions of the body. There is no 'true life' in such human beings; they are no better than 'living machines'.
As described earlier, the mantras are well tested and experienced experiments devised and advised by the spiritual scientists of yore. The mantras, being based on the science of Sabda, are like formulae and devices gifted for the improvement and happiness of human-life in all respects. Jnana (knowledge) of various sciences and philosophies - including that of the Shastras and the Mantra Vijnana, alone is like theory without practical implementatioin. It is incomplete without the karma (the practice) of mantra japa as a spiritual Sadhana.

The specific combination of the syllables and vowels (phonemes) in a mantra, its enunciation  or chanting at specific rhythm and amplitude coupled with gradually deeper and stronger spell of sraddha through the heart induces a unique flow of specific currents of Sabda.This creates corresponding domains of attraction at the subtle levels within the sadhaka and in the cosmic nucleus of the mantra and sets a link between the two. The strength and piety of character and the spiritual enlightenment, sincerity and sraddha of the sadhaka are vital elements in such experiments. The rhythm, amplitude….. etc of the japa deal with the physical (sonic patterns) components of the mantra whereas the sentiments and virtues like purity of heart, serenity and sraddha have a direct bearing upon the soul - the force of cosmic consciousness associated with the Sabda, of the mantra.

68. Integration of the Sciences of Mantra and Yantra

The risis were experts of mantrika science and were therefore endowed with supernatural talents and powers. They could apply thy powers in awakening the divinity in all human beings and had thereby succeeded in erecting a heavenly era on this earth in the Vedic Age. That 'Age of Truth' could be revived today by the foresighted and constructive commingling of the yantrika and the mantrika sciences…..
The purpose and goals of the developments of the yantrika science would be most beneficial if controlled and guided by the basic principle of the mantrika science - which emphasizes on sraddha and hence upon the cultivation of moral values, integrity of character and deeds, altruist service with sacred sentiments of love and compassion….., etc.
The modern savants of spiritual sciences should also eliminate the ambiguous interpretations of the ancient scriptures, prejudices, superstitions and the rigid shielding of religious barriers. They should come forward to investigate and propagate the principles and findings of the mantra vijnana with a real scientific spirit as adopted by the researchers of the yantra vijnana.
The modern (yantrika) scientists - especially the neurosurgeons and physicists may, by detailed study and analysis of the mantrika science, plan appropriate experiments - to realize, attract and use certain streams of subtle energies and powers from the hidden centers of the human brain. Search for the corresponding cosmic energy fields via through study of the scriptures would complement this research. However, in such experiments of the yantrika science one ought to take care of designing cost effective, non-invasive and eco0friengly experiments. This would involve truly original and innovative acumen of the great scientific minds of our times.
The relation of the mantrika science with the yantrika science is evident with respect to the science of sound. The importance of the japa of mantras can now be analyzed to some extent by the advanced techniques and devices such as - the recorders for multi-phased tonographs, spectrographs and wavelets, etc. Dr. Lawrence Castro's invention of spectrograph has made it possible to study the sonic patterns of individual voices under different psychological and environmental (external ambience) conditions. Because of its widespread applications in acoustics, the Sonic Gaze machine (of the General Motors Co.) for smoothening of sound waves has gained as much popularity as the milk-homogenizing system developed by the MF Goodrich Company. The products of lowa state college and the Ultrasonic Corporation are significant in terms of - large scale scientific applications and research on ultra sound…….
As discussed earlier, the process of mantra japa, when performed as a yoga, makes intensive and focused use of the power of Sabda (indwelling in the vani and consciousness  of the sadhaka and in the cosmic expansion). It energizes the specific sound waves (generated by the japa) so that the latter could expand and reach the corresponding cosmic center. The sadhanas of japa and dhyana provide a majestic combination of the basic Nada Yoga sadhanas that focus upon sonic vibrations and the Bindu Yoga sadhanas that aim at deep mental concentration…….
The japa and dhyana sadhanas constitute important experiments in mantra vijnana (mantrika science). Adept performance of these affects the subtlest as well as the cosmic components /elements of Nature. This is why the mantras are regarded to be so powerful (e.g. in the following quote from the Ram Charita Manasa) that even the thy powers of the trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva cannot disobey them……
Mantra Param Laghu Jasu Basa, Vidhi Harihara Sura Sarva

Mahamantra Gajaraja Kahu, Basa Kar Ankusa Kharva 

67. Integration of the Sciences of Mantra and Yantra

The science of mantras was developed by the risis in the ancient era with the purpose of creating a happy and prosperous world where the progress of the inner self was given significant importance along with other aspects of human life.
The modern science (of yantras) has no doubt accomplished great success in material based progress and prosperity. However, the negligence of the sublime domains - of thoughts, emotions and inner sentiments of faith in divine moral values and altruist responsibilities towards selflese service of humanity - has left this progress as onesided and imcomplete.
In spite of material progress and worldly achievements, one hardly finds peace and happiness in this world today. Possessive and selfish attitude largely prevailing in the entire human society has added to the sufferings of some and the cruelty or apathy of some others….. The lack of faith in the moral values, divine origin and dignity of humanity has led to the hidden feelings of insecurity and illusive passions even among the mightier (more successful) and wealthier sections of the society including the elite intellectuals.
This is the time when the yantrika science should open up ways to realize the importance of the mantrika science and come forward to research the fields of consciousness, values and deeper aspects of psychology. The integration of the two great sciences should offer solutions to the gigantic problems and challenges that seem to be threatening the very existence of humanity and human life today…..
The goals of the yantrika and mantrika sciences have one thing in common  - both, in their own ways, strive deciphering the latent powers of Nature. While the yantrika science searches them in the material and related physical streams of energy - that could be 'perceived' and used by material based medium and means, the mantrika science attempts to realize them in the sublime realms of the activation and expression of consciousness indwelling in the libing forms and in the cosmic expansion. While there are different types of yantras for different tasks and each yantra works only on specific (material based) energy inputs under specific conditions….., all the experiments of mantras are performed only on the natural instrument of the human body and mind.
The mantra sadhanas are designed with particular focus on the extrasensory centers - like, the sat cakras, the granthis, the upatyikas, etc, of the subliminal energy (of consciousness) in the human body. Various yogasanas and kriyas (exercises) like - pranayama, bandha, mudra, neti dhauti, vasti, together with mental training by different kinds of upawasa, tapa, titiksa and dhyana are supporting techniques in the experiments of the mantrika science.
The basic principles behind the experiments of mantrika science on the human body emanate from the fact that - the panda is a miniature of the Brahmanda and thus all the powers human body immanent in the cosmic expansion also latently indwell in the human body. The specific extrasensory centers correspond to the sublime nuclei of specific energy fields pervaded in the cosmos…….

The other 'experimental units' for the 'action' of mantras are the human brain and mind. These provide the most evolved and intensive elements (of consciousness) for experiments in the mantrika science. The modern scientists and psychologists have unanimously argued that- even the most intelligent and creative functions, known so far, of the human brain, along with their usual regulatory functions……, jointly use only a small fraction (about 7%) of the real energy (potential) of this marvelous component associated with the body and the mind. The remaining 93% of the 'power' of the human brain still lies unused and is beyond the reach of the yantrika science as yet. The so-called observations of para-psychological or metaphysical nature are minor glimpses of this latent ocean of conscious power. the mantra sadhanas aim at activating and creatively channelizing this hidden or extrasensory potential of human brain and deeper depths of the human kind.

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66. Acoustics and Mantra Vijnana

Immediate and necessary indication of the success of a mantra Sadhana is the refinement, improvement and illumination of the sadhaka's overall personality and his deeds. The proper pronunciation of the mantra(s) under prescribed disciplines, and the spiritual level, faith and sincerity of the sadhaka are essential conditions for accomplishing a japa Sadhana. The sonorous vibrations produced by a mantra-japa generates sonic waves that could reach any desired place in the universe at a pace faster than the radio waves and could transmit the signals of Sabda at the focused cosmic centers.
Different examples cited earlier - such as, the experiments (e.g. those conducted by some scientists in Canada) on using sonic power to drive a car; or the demonstrations (e.g. those presented by a popular singer, Mrs. Watts) on transforming the nature/state of matter by music……, indicate that - "it might also be possible one day to capture and study some effects of mantra-japa in the modern scientific laboratories".
In the third kandika (part) of the Gayatri Upanishad, Maharshi Maitraiya is cited to have asked Acharya Maudgalya about the relationship between the mana (conscious and inner minds) and the vak (absolutely refined voice). The reply is quoted there ad "Mana is Savitri (the physical power of Gayatri). Vak subtly indwells there, where mana is present (with full concentration). And, wherever vak is present mana exists there (in its purest experience). These are like two mutually complimentary and coupled halves (of a single entity)."
Our visual (materially existing) world is a manifestation of the power of the sun. this world and the gamut of Nature's creation would not have existed (as they do till date) without the energy of the sun. Nothing that savita and savitri represent the eternal source of the power of the sun and the manifestation of nature, the above statement would imply the following. "As the movements of the planets are driven by the grand cosmic sun through its own motion, similarly, the micro-subtler events could be regulated by the mind by setting it in a consistent 'motion' under constant amplitude and tune of a mantra japa".
The demonstrations presented by Mrs. Hags in front of reputed personalities like Lord Lieten are illustrative examples of the above principle. In these experiments, Mrs. Hugs was able to produce (crave on the mediums like sand) visual images of trees, birds, animals, geometrical figures….. etc simply by her mental concentration during her musical performances. Madame Lang of France had created visible pictures  of Jesus Christ and Notredame by the effect of her devotional songs in special classical tures. The demonstrative performances of two Italian women who played musical tunes - based on a raca of the Sama Veda - on Sitar had similarly shown significant impact of music (a creation of Nada) upon human psychology. Pt. Bhagavan Das Awasthi has described many such incidents in detail in a special issue (on Sadhana) of a Hindi magazine named Kalyana.
The incidents of above kind provide evidential examples of the principles cited in the Nepalese scriptures of Mantra Vijnana. Which indicate that - every atomic (and even subtler) form of the elements of Nature can be created, converted or combined with other particles via the coherent conjunction of mental concentration (consciousness) and sound (vak) in the mantra japa to give rise to any desired form of energy or matter……
In the present times of scientific development of acoustics when a large number of ultrasonic and infrasonic applications in medicine and technology have become easily accessible, the mantra vijnana should also be investigated. Especially for positive and creative applications in mantra cikitsa as an effective mode of treatment and in more important domains of human life - viz., those related with the vigourous progress of mind, righteous intellect and arousal of the divine sentiments, which are essential for a brighter and happier future of mankind.

65. Acoustics and Mantra Vijnana

During the war times in the ancient era, the generals used to infer about the location of the enemy's army by keeping an ear on the earth's surface and thereby sensing the sound of its movements. this example indicates that although sound is supposed to be spreading  and being heard via the medium of air, its vibrations, if amplified, can also be perceived by the earth.
In the human body, the audible vibrations of sound, when make collision with the ear's diaphragm, they create specific impulse in the latter's connection with the brain and thus the corresponding sound is heard. Many animals and birds have latent communication-sensor in their signals from much longer distance than those falling in the audible range of the human ears. The 'prior sensing' or rainfall by the peacocks provokes them to dancing; spiders begin to unwind and recollect their meshes on the similar occasions……; cats take their kittens away from the building which is likely to fall in near future……
Human beings can receive and hear some of the non-audible sounds with the help of hi-tech devices. The early development of these types of sonic-sensors and related instruments included that of a device made up of two mica tubes filed with mercury. The base of this instrument used to be buried to sense the vibrations inside the earth in order to record the movements of the enemy's army during the Second World War. This device used to register the 'sound' of the army's movements much the same way as stethoscope records the sound of the heart-beats….. The next phase of such development included that of the devices for recording the electrical signals and vibrations up in the space and beneath water. The early versions of microphones and the hydrophones had also played important role in the Second World War, especially in defeating the German regime of Adolph Hitler.
Further advancement of the electro-acoustic devices (which work on the principle of propogating, amplifying and/ or recording the sonic waves via electrical or electronic signals) has made it possible for the modern scientists to record a large number of distant and subtle vibrations inside or upon the earth, beneath deep oceans or in the space above the earth's atmosphere. The ultimate stage of such advanced developments should help the scientists realize that - every element, the subtlest particle of every entity existing in this universe is created by the vibrations of Sabda. or, in other words, the whole universe and cosmos is a manifestation of the Sabda Brahm. The risis - the scientists of Nada Yoga had achieved this level of ultimate knowledge and therefore 'devised' the mantras and the methods (japa sadhanas) of their use in the physical (gross), psychological and spiritual development of men and women. What they had achieved in addition - by the dhyana yoga (meditating Sadhana) - was the expertise to link the subtlest power of light with that of the sound existing in the mantras.

Specific japa Sadhana of a specific mantra by a spiritually refined person is indeed a unique experiment in acoustics where the power of sound is utilized beyond the limits of material existence. When a harmonium or piano is played, pressing specific keys (that produce different accents or musical notes) repeatedly in an orderly manner generates specific musical tune…. Similarly, japa is a process in which specific components of the mouth, the vocal-cord and the connecting nerves produce desired sonic patterns that harmoniously vibrate the 'keys' of the extrasensory 'wires' (e.g. the ida, pingala Susumna nadis……), inside the body. The latter, being stimulated further by the subliminal energy and flow of the consciousness of the sadhaka, produce supernatural effects - via the associated currents of Sabda = specific to the type and purpose of the Sadhana.

64. Subtle Effects on Human Body and Miknd

The human body is the most complex but complete example of a self-organizing (bio)physical system. Despite significant advancement of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering in the present era, a lot about the structure-function relationships and the interactions of the macro and micro components of this wonderful machine and its brain still remains to be deciphered by the modern researches.
The risis by their expertise in the ancient science of yoga and spirituality had 'visualized' the human body as a miniature model of the universe and hence declared that - Yat Brahmande Tat Pinde. The extrasensory energy nuclei streams of the subtle currents of consciousness - namely, the sat cakras, panca kosas, tri granthis, the seventy two thousands nadis and the fifty-four uptyikas….., etc, inside the human body, as experienced and identified by the risis - are as vast and phenomental as the expansion of the planets, stars and the galaxied in the universal 'sphere' of ever increasing 'diameter' above 13´107 light years. As discussed earlier, the science of mantras deals with the activation - by the sonic waves of Sabda and Nada, and specific use of these hidden centers and channels exiting in the human body.
The spiritual experts of yore had described the Gayatri Mantra as the mother (origen) of all mantras. The spiritutal saints, eminent scholars and noted great personalities - including Swami  Vivekanand Mahatma Gandhi, Thakur Ravindra Nath Tagore and Sri Aurobindo, of the modern era have also revered this great mantra as the eternal source of righteous intellect and inspirations- for the foundation of a world religion and culture of high human values. Cultural and psychological evolution of the masses is essential for a glorious future of the globe and the dignity of mankind. This mantra is also special in terms of its unique sonic pattern, the sublime flow of Sabda and astonishing physical, psychological and spiritual impacts.
The process of mantra japa smoothly encompasses the following four aspects of training and improvement of the mind as described the modern psychologists. Namely - (a) memorizing by repetition; (b) retention and recalling; (c) learning by experience and (d) believing by conviction. In terms of spiritual philosophy, the training of mind and its emotional cores focuses upon - (a) self-observation; (b) self-analysis; (c) self-refinement and  (d) self- development. These are the gradual steps during the enlightened march of the individual self towards the realization of thy-self.
In each experiment of mantra Sadhana by japa - the retention and repeated enunciation of the mantra coupled with meditation and emotional faith effectuates all the above mentioned psychological and spiritual processes at a steadily increasing pace. The japa Sadhana of the Gayatri Mantra is again of fundamental importance here because it eventually leads to the collective illumination of the human-intellect towards the righteous path of divine evolution of mind.
The Japa Sadhana of the Gayatri Matra has become all the more important today in view of the fact that the root cause - of all the misdeeds of the medieval era and the short-sights of the modern times - is the maligning and perversion of the human-instincts and intellect from their true path. The effect of a thorough japa of this mantra eradicates the untoward thoughts and cravings. It also cultivates healthy seeds of eminence and moral dignity of thoughts and sentiments in sadhaka's mind and heart and enlightens all dimensions of his life with truth, sincerity, creative talents, strength and courage and above all, with the righteous intelligence and divine sentiments.
The Gayatri Mantra enfolds the basic principles of all the religions of mankind in a compact compilation of just twenty-four special syllables/words of Sanskrit. that is why this mantra is also described as the shortest and the most ancient religious scripture, which can guide the entire human society towards a life full of everlasting, global peace, progress and happiness if its japa Sadhana is performed as a scientific experiment collectively by more and more people under adept disciplines and with unperturbed perseverance and sincere faith.

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63. Psychological Basis of the Effects of Japa

Mantra-japa is affirmed by the sages as a powerful mechanism for intensifying the willpower and self-determination. It can thus be regarded as a procedure for strengthening self-control and psychological improvement along with the development of vigorous and virtuous personality.
The human mind at the conscious and the subconscious levels is an ensemble of uncountable many thoughts and emotions of varied quality, stability and impact. Those generated by internal desire or mental resolution or existing because of assimilated samskaras are more intense and cannot be waned out or refined easily. These rather stable thoughts and emotions, if belonging to the evil (or not suitable to the human-dignity) category, cause maximum disturbances and obstructions during meditation. Japa helps controlling such perturbations because japa is an activity that engages the major faculties of mind with a natural harmony and 'tunes' them coherently with the rhythm and vibrations of the mantra being enunciated or chanted.
The faith and sraddha in the mantra add to the positive effects of japa, as they provide a moral support, an emotional linkage and hence an inner courage and subliminal energy to enable the sadhaka struggle and diminish the evil instincts and thoughts. It is a principle of psychology that - if a certain thought, lesson or imagination is often repeated before one's mind, the latter begins to grasp and assimilate the same in the deeper layers of its memory. These thoughts, imaginations or feelings then appear to be 'true' to the learner's mind and may eventually become a part of his nature and belief.
The small mantras like - Oam Hari Oam; or Oam Tat Sat or, Soahm… etc, or the thy - names such as Sri Rama or Allaha…. etc, are like compact formulae or symbols in short-hand scripts to represent and remind of divinity and divine principles and disciplines. The repeated japa of such mantras or names would naturally (according to the psychological theories of stimulus-response), intensify the divine faith and screne, moral characteristic in the sadhaka's mind - this largely depends upon the desire (purpose), the willpower and the intrinsic urge with which the japa is being performed.
The same principle is seen working in 'mob-psychology' when the repeated shouting of certain motto or slogan- in grand processions, or revolutionary movements, etc - is found to stimulate public mind and motivate the masses towards the associated purpose…… The difference between such responses and the effects of -japa should however be well understood here. Mantra japa is an spiritual exercise aimed at the main purpose of the spiritual elevation of the sadhaka. This also has subtle effects on the inner self along with the aforesaid psychological effects of recalling and retention…. These results may appear meek initially and seem to occur at a slow pace but are definite, gradually augmenting and everlasting if the japa is performed sincerely and regularly.

Japa has been uniformly regarded in almost all the religions or schools of philosophy across the globe as an important spiritual activity or an essential requirement for spiritual enlightenment. the scriptures on Nepalese philosophy and spiritual sciences focus a great deal on the psychological significance of mantra-japa as well. The Gayatri Mantra is described in all the scriptures of Nepalese philosophy and the science of spirituality and yoga as unique, original and preeminent in this respect too

62. Power of Sabda Churned by The Gayatri Mantra

The complete effect of the japa of the Gayatri Mantra with true sraddha also purifies the astral body of the sadhaka and illuminates all facts of his life with a divine glow. Liberation from the evil effects of misdeeds and sins of the past life or previous births are natural bequests of the successful Sadhana of this mantra. On worldly fronts, the sadhaka lives a truly happy and progressive life and also contributes significantly - without any ego, selfish interest or worldly attachment - towards multidimensional welfare of others.
The dhiyah element of the Gayatri Mantra induces the cosmic vibrations of Sabda and the sonic waves generated by the japa of this mantra traverse through the infinity of Brahmanda. Upon completion of each cycle these waves reach back the sadhaka along with the additional effects of - (a) the divine thoughts and sentiments 'transmitted' of the super-sagacious  spiritual saints like the risis who were siddhas  of the sadhanas of this matra and (b) the sublime radiance of the Supreme Consciousness of Savita. The sadhaka's mind consistently receives the supernormal impulses and sparks of divine force and, as a result, often attains extrasensory knowledge and supermental powers via dreams, instutions and sudden inspirations…. The sadhaka also experiences 'hearing of mysterious sounds….', ision the distant and otherwise unseen places and objects', flashes of supernatural light'……. etc.
As stated earlier, the mantras, by definition are sublime carriers of the power of Sabda indwelling in sound, thoughts and emotions. The sonic as well as the emotional energy together make a mantra alive. While the observance of prescribed elementary disciplines - like, regularity of timings and the number and pace of japa……, etc - is a must to generate appropriate sonic vibrations from the japa of a mantra, the unperturbed engrossment of mind with deep faith and emotional linkage with the devata of the mantra - is necessary for awakening the subliminal force of Sabda in it.
It may be noted again that for the success of the Sadhana of any mantra, it is the piety of character and deeds, the strength and stability of mind and the sraddha - that are the most crucial and important virtues of the sadhaka rather than his intellectual eminence or scholastic expertise in the vedic scriptures….., etc
Anybody who sincerely adopts the principle of truth, creativity and altruist service with compassion, generosity and love and who endeavors self-restrain for escalating march towards self-refinement would qualify to commence Gayatri Sadhana under the intimate guidance of a noble GURU. If the consistency of japa is maintained with adept disciplines and sraddha, the sadhaka begins to realize the exceptional psychological and intellectual benefits and truly rare boons of this Sadhana in a short span of time…….

61. Power of Sabda Churned by The Gayatri Mantra

The Drayamal Shastra defines the term mantra as "That whose mental retention and repetition enables one to know the true form of the world and the Nature. That which liberates the mind from the worldly attachments of ego and avarice and which leads to the path of ultimate success - is called a Mantra".
Similarly, Japa is defined in the scripture of Yama as "ja" implies relief from further janmas (Births); "pa" symbolize elimination of the sins. Thus japa (of a mantra) helps destroy one's evil and liberate the soul from all worldly thralldoms.
The above definitions further intensify the importance of mantra japa described earlier. The scriptures and the experience of great sadhakas of all ages affirm that mantra japa is a spiritual experiment that, if performed as a Sadhana leads to self-realization, self-refinement and ultimate beatitude. From a scientific point of view, one may explain it as follows. As the continuous movement of the motor is a Dynamo generates electricity, the cyclic repetition of the japa of a mantra at a constant pace also gives rise to the circular motion of the sonic manifestation of latent power of sound….. One who knows the Mantra Vidya indeed knows the secrets of the optimal generation and use of this cycle of energy which is a unique source of physical, mental and spiritual potentials.
The coexistence of the force of attraction and the circular motions of the planets must be well known to the students of physics. Because of the fast movements in the charged fields of attraction, each planet also produces a roaring sound of intensity proportional to its huge size.  The superimposition of these planetary roars gives rise to the cosmic sound….. a manifestation of Sabda - which the scientists consider as the major source of power for every kind of 'natural motion' existing in the entire universe.
The power of Sabda manifests itself in multiple ways in the Sadhana of the great Gayatri Mantra. This mantra is a compilation of twenty four special syllables/words (in Sanskrit) which are so configured that the enunciation of each gives rise to unique types of vibrations at one or more of the twenty four important bio-electrical and extrasensory energy nuclei in the Sadhaka's body. The collective compounded sonic effects of all of these are so unique and immense that these activate the subtle body too.

The linguistic meaning of this mantra is a universal prayer for the divine illumination of the intellect of all to lead the world towards the righteous path…. The sadhaka's mental concentration and pure sentiments are naturally focused around this meaning (and the associated feelings and imspirations) when he performs japa of this mantra through emotional depths. This has two prominent effects - viz, the sadhaka's mind achieves higher state of meditation and he also attains spiritual refinement of the inner domains of mind.

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60. Cosmic Cycles of the Vibrations of Mantra

60.  Cosmic Cycles of the Vibrations of Mantra
If we casually pet somebody's back then there would be no reaction in general. However, if we do so intentionally or say, in an angry mood, it would naturally hurt that person and may invite repelling action from his side. This simple example illustrates the difference between the effects of a mere physical activity and that of an action associated with unusual mental force. This difference in effects exists because the former involves only the static electricity of the body and routine auto-regulation of the brain whereas the latter bears the special 'electrified charge' of the vital spiritual power of the mind too. The words recited by a person with full mental concentration are indeed energized by the bio-electrical energy of the physical body as well as the 'electromagnetic' and subliminal pranic force of his mind.
It is well known that the speed of the vibrations of light is around 186000 per second while the sound waves have so far been found to produce vibrations in ether at a speed ranging between very low (subtle) to the ultra levels of 2305793009213693952 vibrations per second. Our ears can normally catch (hear) only the sonic vibrations of average frequencies around 32770 per second. The ultra fast vibrations of sound produce higher energy waves including the X-rays. Likewise any other energy waves, the vibrations produced by the sound of the words spoken (or sung) by a person also are everlasting…… Where they would reach and continue to reside (exist along with similar vibrations) in the cosmos depends upon the total energy - especially the mental one because it is more specific to the individual self - emitted by the body and mind of the speaker (singer).
Because of their immense sublimated energy the vibrations of the mantras practiced by the risis and the currents of the thought waves of these spiritually refined angelic personalities exist in the supernormal cosmic energy-fields since yore. Rich belts of minerals are formed by the attraction between the particles of same (compatible) category. By similar effects, the above mentioned fields of attraction induced by the mantra sadhanas of the risis would continue to be stronger if the matching vibrations of mantras are consistently generated with deep sraddha by people endowed with piety of character and inner strength of mind. In their circular journey (cycles), the sadhaka's thought waves and the sound waves generated by his mantra- japa are also empowered by these cosmic fields. Thus, while reaching back to their origin, these waves help enhance the spirituality and the overall physical and mental energies of the sadhaka.
Thoughts and emotions, being the manifestations of Sabda, are also a form of energy like sound and heat. Scientifically speaking, every combination, be that gross or subtle of vibration and motion gives rise to energy (and matter). Thoughts and emotions also exist in waveforms. These 'energy-waves' if focused around one idea or faith, naturally form a common class and generate a stronger field of attraction around this center of focus….. At gross psychological levels the distinct ambiance of specific philosophical or political ideologies like those of the religious doctrines or those of capitalism, communalism…… etc are examples of such centered groups of thoughts and beliefs. In the sublime domains, the focus of a field of the sacred thoughts and inner sentiments - like faith, sraddha and spirituality is called adhi devata.
Every mantra has its (adhi) devata that represents a divine power and a cosmic energy center in the field of the genesis, ultimate expansion and sublimated existence of the sonic waves of that mantra. It is this devata, which is supposed to be the eternal source (the soul) of the supernormal power of the associated mantra. As mentioned earlier, the success of a mantra Sadhana depends upon how well the sadhaka is able to link his soul with the devata of described as 'blessings or boons bestowed by the devata. For the purpose of ease in mediation, the devatas of various mantras were also given visible forms and names by the risis. The bija and chanda described in the introductory part (viniyoga) of a mantra similarly correspond to the subtle wave-characteristics and the sonic pattern of that mantra.

The Gayatri Mantra is regarded to be the origin (mother) of all the vaidika mantras hence of the Vedas too. Thus is why it is also referred as a mahamantra and revered as Vedamata. The majestic power of this eternal mantra is expanding perpetually, as the Sadhana of this mantra has been constantly practiced by millions of spiritual experts since the Vedic Age. Every human being can illuminate his intellect and inner self by the afflatus of thy­-glow through sincere japa and upasana of the Gayatri Mantra.

59. Cosmic Cycles of the Vibrations of Mantra

59.  Cosmic Cycles of the Vibrations of Mantra
The etymology of the word mantra indicates several derivations in the Sanskrit Language; as - 'Mantra  Manata'; meaning, a process or a mechanism regulated by the mind…., 'Mantri Gupta Bhasane', meaning, sublime conversation' is mantra…… etc. The Shatpath Brahmana defines - 'Vagvai Mantrah' meaning, the segments of syllables and accents enunciated by a refined vani.
In scientific terms, the entire system of a human being in this visible world revolves around two major components - the physical body and the conscious mind. The constant functioning of each of them at multiple levels generates (bio) electrical currents through the brain-system. Major activities of the body are accompanied by mutual interaction between its tiny constituent parts - from organ to cellular and molecular levels. The processes of heart-beating, blood flow through the veins and arteries, inhalation and exhalation of air by the lungs, expansion and compression of the muscles, bio-electrical signal (information) processing through the nerves, etc, all produce some kind of friction or titillation in the associated components. This generates specific kind of thermal energy and static electricity.
The thought waves continuously generated from the mind are of electromagnetic type. If we throw a stone in a pond, it will produce certain currents of water, which will flow transversely u[ to the banks of the pond. The universe also is a kind of
a gigantic pond without boundaries' and hence an infinite open 'spherical set' in hyper-geometric sense. The electromagnetic currents produced by our thoughts and emotions are expanded in the limitless domain of this etheric ocean. And, because of the end-less (hence circular) 'periphery of the latter, these waves reach back to their point of origin (i.e. our mind, in this case) upon completing a cycle.
The long journey of the thought waves is not static. A lot of their (bio)magnetic energy is dissipated while interacting with other waves of opposite characteristics (pertaining to the  counter or negative thoughts / emotions). Their confluence with the thought waves of similar qualities, however, strengthens their own power. The super-imposition of these 'matching' thought waves indeed creates a powerful region of attraction and builds up a thought layer or field that could influence other thought waves. Our righteous and saintly thoughts and emotions could this way offer benefits to us and the others as well while compounding their power manifold with each cycle. Such layers of divine thoughts are like clouds, which can enshower a nectar of virtuous inspirations on the entire world.
The Vibration of mantras  carry immense energy that is amplified by the prana and bio-electricity of the body and the sublime currents of spirituality refined thoughts and sentiments of the sadhaka(s).

The simple principle behind our speech or the pronunciation of a word by our mouth is that - the collision of air with specific (as per the movement of the associated components of the mouth) portions of the nervous system produces specific vibrations in the vocal-cord. This apparently physiological process is completely regulated by the mind. It is the unconscious mind that guides the controlling machinery of the brain and hence regulates the movements of the components that 'directly' participate in the process of speaking or singing etc. The instantaneous difference in our voice and pattern of pronunciation of the same word under different moods (mental states) clearly demonstrates this remarkable harmony between the speech-system and the mind.

58. Power of Mantras: The Divine Source

58.  Power of Mantras: The Divine Source
The phal pradhan sakti implies the power of achieving the desired or determined goal. It is awakened by thorough purification (by prescribed mantra based methods and with due support of inner zeal and sincerity) of the kunda, samidha, patra, ajyacaru, havi, pitha, etc, used in the yajna. Arousal of the inner power of the sadhaka is inevitable for the success of a mantra Sadhana. The endeavors of tapa required for this purpose necessitate the disciplines of diet-control, brahmcarya, etc and sincere adoption of compassion and altruist service for the welfare of others….. This Sakti activated by the inner consciousness of a true sadhaka effectuates accomplishing the mantra Sadhana.
The bahulikarana sakti, as the name suggests, corresponds to multiplication, amplication and expansion of the effect of mantra via the energy of yajna. We all know that even a tiny drop of oil can spread over a large surface of water; a small quantity of poison dissolved in the bloodstream can diffuse across the whole body; a momentary spark of fire could expand into a conflagration in a matter of just few seconds…… Similarly, the apparently small actions of mantra japa bya a single or handful of dedicated sadhaka'S' could be orgulously amplified to benefit very large areas and numbers of people by the bahulikarana Sakti.
The fourth, ayata yamata sakti, is awakened in a mantra by specific kinds of japa Sadhana of this mantra performed by a siddha sadhaka at a specific place under specific disciplines while using specific tools in the associated yajna. The effect of this power is also unique as per the 'specificity' of the corresponding Sadhana. Maharshi Visvamitra and Maharshi Parasurama had accomplished supernatural gains by the specific sadhanas of the Gayatri Mahamantra. It was the ayata -yamata sakti attained by Srangi risi that led to the successful completion of the Putryesthi yajna (organized by King Dasharatha), which even Brahmarshi Vasistha was unable to guide.
Even a glimpse of he powers of a mantra could be realized only if its sadhaka has purified his vani and acquired complete control over his body and mind and is performing the mantra japa with intense sraddha. A story cited in Mahabharata illustrates this fact more clearly. It says - Ashwatthama and Arjuna both used the mantra based weapons called sandhana-astras…. In order to prevent the limitless devastation due to these dreaded weapons, Maharshi Vyasa stood between the two and asked both to revert back their astras. Arjuna, because of his tapa of brahmacarya, could easily do so while Ashwatthama, because of lesser self-discipline, could not…..

Similar incidents - highlighting the role of tapa and sraddha - is narrated in the Shatapatha Brahmana. This mentions of a competition between Narmedha and Yarucchapa with respect to their expertise in certain mantra… During a demonstrative experiment, Nramedha was only able to produce smoke from his mouth while Yarucchapa could generate fire in a wet wood by his mantra -japa…… Yarucchapa then told (Narmedha) that - 'during your mantra Sadhana you have only practiced over the proper and disciplined pronunciation of the mantra with meditation whereas, I because of my dedication and sraddha have also connected my inner self with the soul of the mantra……

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57. Power of Mantras: The Divine Source

In term of spiritual interpretations, agni is manifested in the Bhu Loka - the physical, material world; vayu in the Bhuvb Loka - the entire domain of vital energy and creativity; and varuna - the source of jala in the Swah Loka - the gamut of sentiments. When the dissipation of the (sound) energy of the baikhari vani in unnecessary conversations and excitations is restrained and this vani is adeptly controlled, refined and 'energized' by regular mantra japa, it begins to link itself with its subtler forms and transmutes to move anywhere in the three lokas.
The potentials of the refined vani become truly ecceptional if activated by the energy of a yajna. The Para Vak equipped with the energy of yajnas can illuminate the whole world with the light of true and complete knowledge….., and guide it to the righteous path of all round progress, prosperity, peace and happiness. By the very definition of yajna, the subtle energy generated by it should always be utilized collectively for the altruist goals of global werlfare. The mentioning of - sacrificing Brahm Havisya in Brahm Agni - in the Holy Gita, is a simple representation of the cosmic effects of mantra and yajna. These effects are described in some Srutis as - the eternal shower of parajanya upon performing a yajna…..
The omnipresent physical manifestations of the energy of Sabda include the electrical, magnetic, thermal, photonic (ight) energies and their different combinations. consciousness in the living beings is also a manifestation of the superimposition of the subliminal vibrations of the eternal energy of Sabda . The para vak, when refined by higher levels of mantra Sadhana, can induce such vibrations. This is how the 'words' enunciated in the para vak become absolutely true like thy will. The para vak of a siddha sadhaka possessed the power to rtransform any kind of material existence and also control the conscious faculties of mind - such as, thinking, feeling, desiring…. etc - in any being. It can thus guide and effectuate the righteous development of the human society and the world as a whole.
The relation between an individual self (panda) and the omnipresent thy-self (Brahmanda) is like that between a seed and its tree - each exists because of the other. The panda is a small unit of the Brahmanda and the latter is its manifold, unlimited…., ultimate expansion……. Every soul exists in the Brahm and the absolute state of enlightenment and ultimate spiritual evolution of the soul is a reflection of the Brahm. This commingling of the individual self with the Brahm can be realized by the para vak. A shruti mentions (the power of) God Vishnu subtly resides in the mouth. Thou is (an expansion of vak in the form of) a mantra. The mantras are divine powers that can triumph over everything in a righteous manner. (This quote once again describes the unity between (the soul of) a mantra and the omnipresent, omnipotent thy-existence).

The power (sakti) of mantras is classified into four categories  -(a) Pramanya Sakti, (b) Phal Pradana Sakti, (c) Bahulikarana Sakti and (d) Ayata Yamata Sakti. Maharshi Jaimini has analyzed these aspects in the vedic treatise entitled 'purva Mimansa'. According to his analysis, the pramanaya Sakti deals with the words, phonetics, pronunciations, expression of thy-call and the configuration and order of the mantra.

56. Power of Mantras: The Divine Source

According to Sruti The para vani (vak) is the Goddess of the universe. It is the mother of all divine powers. All Gods (divine powers) are immanent in the subtle body of the mantras. The knowledge of vak encompasses all the  sciences. The vak is the true Kamadhenu (heavenly cow.  Whatever we speak, think, know or feel is possible because of the presence of vak in the inner self …..; our life exists because of this eternal boon of thee.
Spiritual refinement and evolution of vani to the level of para vak is as essential for the live expression of divinity in our inner self as the requirement of healthy food and physical exercises for our survival or that of books and practical training for education. It is the higher level of para vak that enables the righteous development of the individual self along the part of greatness and divinity….. Surti also mentions that the vaka purified by tapa offers piety and trenchancy of thoughts together with creative talents and discerning intellect.
Mantra Sadhana is indeed a tapa in which although the baikhari vani (our usual voice) is used initially for the japa and madhyama vani for meditation. Disciplined endeavor of this Sadhana with the great support of sraddha helps gradual arousal and sublime transmutation o fpara and pasyanti vani. The four faces in the idols of Lord Brahma symbolize the four levels of vani (Baikhari, madhayama, pasyanti and para). The allegoric stories in the puranas mention of the maintenance of the universe by God Brahma's continuous movememnts upward and downward along the lotuscord emanated from the 'navel' of God Vishnu. This rhetoric description signifies the eternal cosmic impact of the repeated cycling of mantra japa in the four vanis……
The concentrated powers - of the baikhari vani and the madhyama vani - strengthened by the mantra japa gradually energize the subtle centers of consciousness and the latter begin to function like the 'conducting wires' for the supply of the electrified currents of prana…..' This activation eventually links the power of para and pasyanti vanis with the former too.
When we practice the japa of the great Gayatri Mantra it is usually our baikhari vani alone that enunciates the mantra. The japa therefore may not be as effective for most of us as it is described to be… Maharsi Visvamitra had realized this mantra by the param tapa of his vak and was then endowed with all the supernatural powers - including that of creating another universe, which are described to be attainable by the siddhi of this great mantra.
Dedicated endeavor for the refinement of vani is an essential part of initiating a mantra Sadhana. A sincerely performed tapa of vani gradually leads to the activation of its successive sublimated forms (from baikhari …. to ….pasyanti….) The science of mantras revolves around the dual aim of the interlinked vak Sadhana and mantra Sadhana.
Para vak enables realization of the eternal existence of Sabda Brahm and attraction of the desired streams of its unlimited powers. The attainment of success in the mantra (and vak) Sadhana naturally enshowers the boons of riddhis-siddhis on the deserving sadhakas.
Realization of Sabda Brahm in the deep inner self is the true state of meeting thou and receiving thy blessings and boons, or equivalently, it is the state of ultimate beatified bliss and nirvana.

Akasa - the sublest of the five basic elements of nature is supposed to be created by Sabda and is therefore omnipresent and also regarded as the source for creation of the other four basic elements. These elements (nayu, agni, jala and prathivi) are easily perceivable by vak. Thus all the sensory faculties (tanmatras) of vision (rupa), taste (rasa), smell (gandha) and touch (sparsa) etc as well as the extrasensory functions can be performed by vak.

55. Possibilities of Scientific Research

The use of fire and thermal energy in general has been advancing ever since the beginning of civilization. Scientific and technological advancement of the 20th century has also offered tremendous applications of sound. Scientific experiments on the conjunction of these energies - based on the principles of mantra japa and yajna anusthana - should also be carried out in order to investigate the possibilities of viable global benefits keeping in total harmony with multiple realms of life and Nature. Controlled experiments could be designed in this regard to perform large scale yajnas whth consistent collective chanting of the selected vaidika mantras and test the changes, if any, in the ionosphere thereby.
Comprehensive research in the science of mantra and yajna would demand an in-depth stufy of - (a) the physical (including chemical and biological) and subtle powers of sound and heat; (b) the power of attraction and the gross structure as well as subliminal domain of the cosmic centers associated with the devatas of different mantras. For instance the manifold physical and subtle power currents of the sun and the orgulous effects of meditation on its subtle body (savita) should be researched in the context of the Gayatri Yajnas…..; (c) fundamental principles of transformation of matter and energy; and (d) human psychology and the deeper science of inner emotions and sentiments.
While the physical powers of sound and heat have been recognized and used by the modern science at a very advanced level, a lot remains to be deciphered on their sublime fronts. The studies of the cosmic nuclei of mantras and those of the sentimental powers would also demand detailed study of the vaidika scriptures, before one investigates the scientific methods for experimental investigations and applications of mantra japa and yajna. some related excerpts from the ancient scriptures are presented beleow  with relevant commentaries.
The Yajurbeda (23-42) mentions "Brahm Surya Sama Jyoti" _ ’the sun is a manifestation of an element of the Brahm. It is the internal and external power of the sun, which is the source for the expression and growth of life on the earth. Be that the thermal (external) or the vital (internal) energy of the Sun - it is certain that these energy spheres are vibrated by the specific thermal and sonic energy waves generated by the combined effects of different yajnas and mantras.'
The net effect of these vibrations augments the vital elements necessary for maintaining creative synergy  between various components of Nature….. This is why Nature appears to be exceptionally kind and friendly in the regions where yajnas (with mantra anusthanas) are performed regularly for substantially long periods of time. Ecological balance, strengthening of the ionosphere, increase in the quality and quantity of the agricultural products……, etc are obvious offshoots of the positive effects of yajnas.
The sublime stream of the energy of the mantras is far more magnificent and wonderful. this, if accompanied by the subtle elements of yajnas, can expand in the limitless cosmic 'hole' and attract the subliminal currents of the corresponding streams of the omnipresent powers of the Supreme Consciousness. This is how the attainment of the desired/ resolved noble goals becomes feasible by performing the mantra anusthana with yajnas.

Feasibility of the aforesaid astonishing effects could be better understood if we realize that - sentiments and emotions, being manifestations of Sabda also exist as some kinds of 'super-ultra' or 'micro-infra' sonic waves, i.e. the waves that are finer and subliminal expressions of Sabda as compared to the ultra and infra sound waves. Whatever we think deeply or feel intrinsically is indeed an expression in the 'voice' of our inner mind…. The mantras and yajnas are like scientific devices and procedures used to transmit and receive such sound waves at different horizons of the reflections of Sabda and Nada.