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27. Mantra Yoga: Effects on Gross Body

A human being is defined to be an ensemble of the gross (physical) body, subtle (mental and energy) body and astral body (the iner self or the domain of the soul). The existence of three perennial expressions of thy powers of the trinity Gods - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, is said to be vital for the manifestation of Nature and life. the existence of the three bodies is similarly an integral part of the existence of any living being in this world. The three bodies, like the triveni - confluence of the holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati are separate as well as one - being the interwoven segments of a single individual self.
Refinement and development of any one of these bodies would be incomplete without the other two. Therefore, when we talk about the role of Sabda or mantra vijnana in human life, we must analyze the respective effects on each of the three forms (bodies) of a human being.
Our world is physically constituted by three basic energies viz. Sound, Light and Heat. According to the electromagnetic wave theory, the ever expanding universe is described as a limitless ocean of energy waves. Grasping and utilization of some of these has given rise to the inventions and discoveries lioke radio, telephone, X-rays, radio-rays, laser, gamma-rays, …….., etc. Enormous combinations of super imposition of compatible waves are supposed to give rise to the energy particles, various subtle particle-states and ultimately to the atomic and molecular forms of matter. The root cause of the existence of different physical forms/states of any kind of material - however subtle or gigantic it might be - is the 'collision or superimposition' of some of these omnipresent, ever vibrating, energy waves.
The eternal forms of sound and vibrations are synonymous with respect to their physical existence. Noting this, a natural conclusion of the above theory would be that - Sabda and nada are the origins and the ultimate controllers of everything that exists (in gross or subtle form) or happens (including the manifestation of life and death) in this universe. Our gross, subtle and astral bodies are thus naturally affected by 'sound'.

Our gross body is a physical system consisting of bio-physicochemical components. The impact of sound on this system results in corresponding vibrations in the molecular, cellular (e.g. an enzyme in a cell or a membrane, or a hormone….) or organ (e.g. the liver, uterus or ears…..) components and generates isolated or cascade effects (positive or negative, depending on the type of sound) on the interconnected subsystems. Several examples of the negative physical effects of the impact of sound on the gross body have been described earlier in the context of the Doppler Effect and noise pollution…… Examples of the positive physical effect (on the gross bodies of any living being), apart from those described earlier include - increase in the immunity of human beings under specific therapies based on sound; acceleration of the growth rate of vegetation by special music….., increase in the reproduction rates of some varieties of fishes and hens under certain music-based treatments…..

26. Implications of the Mantras

As the practice of the mantra involves devoted meditation upon the devata along with the specified (according to the chanda) rhythmic enunciation or chanting, the risis had assigned visible forms to different devatas - representing different manifestations and subliminal expressions of the One, Eternal, Supreme Consciousness….. Some of the risis also recommended worshiping the idols - of these forms of the devatas - in sacred atmosphere before commencing the japa of the mantras.
Worshiping an idol of God often facilitates proper meditation and creation of the internal emotions to strike the intrinsic core of absolute faith that is necessary for confluence of the individual consciousness with the cosmic flow of divinity. This type of rituals (called sakara upasana) do help conditioning the minds of the disciples who find it difficult to meditate upon the subliminal forms of Sabda in the sunya - the absolute void, the ultimate, the 'non-existent' but eternal realms of thy conception.
The bija represents root of the mantra. It may be understood as a group of those syllables that contain, in compact coded form, the gist (tatva) of the mantra and thereby imply the latent existence of the specific power of Sabda in that mantra. The japa of the bija generates the 'energy' essential for initiating the activation of the 'power' of the associated mantra.
The understanding and expertise of the science of mantras had illuminated the minds of the risis with supernormal sagacity. they could therefore grasp the knowledge of the limitless expansion of the universe and completely 'visualize' the structure and function of the tiniest part of the over 72000 nerves and glands mysteriously folded inside the human body and could also accomplish remarkable spiritual realization. They also presented different streams of their intrinsic knowledge in the ancient Nepalese scriptures via prose consisting of the hymns of mantras.
Scientific significance of the sound produced by specific syllables has attracted many researchers to study the specil features of the sonic waveforms generated by the recitation of the mantras. The ultrasonometer developed by Dr. Fristlov is used for triggering different chemical reactions via the effect of ultrasound. the stirrer used in this device can be made to stir (by the obvious effect of ultrasound!) so fast that in no time it can make the steady water - contained around it - churn violently like that during boiling at maximum pace. As far as the sonic effects are concerned, the subtle power of the mantra, if focused, can be more 'explosive' than the nuclear power.
The yogis often use the vital kpower of the air-element (vayu-tatva) and gain supernatural physical powers. A mantirka works at the highest level (akasa) - in the hierarchy of the five basic elements and he can therefore be more powerful than other yogis

Apart from the physical power of Sabda, the mantras are also endowed with the 'magnetic' power of the conscious energy of Sabda. The emotional linkage -through absolute intrinsic faith (sraddha) - with the devata of the mantra attracts the subliminal energy of Sabda. The devotion and prayers of the devata of the mantra are performed to initiate this linkage. The rhythmic enunciation or chanting of mantras give rise to two types of subtle fields of influence - one, the 'sphere' of sonic effects, and the other, of emotional (conscious) effects. 

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25. Structure and Implications of Mantras

Swami Ramatirtha had once stated that -'One may become a God but one can never see or show thee…' The same is true of the subtle elements; they can be experienced or felt-in but can't be seen or shown in a laboratory. Flow of radio waves through the ether is well known though no instrument has been able to measure or demonstrate the 'appearance' or 'existence' of ether. We do feel the effects of chill, heat, happiness, sorrow……., etc in our day-to-day life but we can never see or show these effects in visible or otherwise perceivable forms.
Recitation of the mantras is only a means for arousing the omnipresent subtle power of Sabda. When we awake somebody by pushing him by our hand, the hand simply plays the role of a tool; it is not a part of the process of awakening. Similarly, the specific configuration of syllables and the sound (including the sublime sound) produced by the japa of a mantra is only a means for activating specific field of the cosmic energy of Sabda. Which mantra is suitable for awakening what kind of subliminal energy center - is described in the viniyoga (structural classification) of that mantras. All of the Vaidika and the Tantrika Mantras have distinct viniyoga. The ancient scriptures of Agama and Nigama describe the viniyoga part along with the details on the methods (and Sadhana) of the japa of the mantras. Before reciting a mantra one must read and understand its viniyoga.
The viniyoga of each mantra has five components - (1) Risi, (2) Chanda, (3) Devata, (4) Bija and (5) Tatva. The first component contains the names of the risi(s) or the spiritual saints who had discovered, compiled and/or completely mastered that particular mantra and who therefore are regarded authorities on all the knowledge associated with the spiritual practice of that mantra. Such skpiritual saints are the ideal gurus (guides) for the disciples who endeavor a Sadhana of that mantra. Recalling this first component of the -vinigoga of a mantra also implies that revered devotion for those risis and adept guidance of a a noble guru is essential for practicing (the japa of) that mantra.
The chanda indicates the rhythmic composition for the enunciation or chanting of the mantra. As described earlier, each mantra can be practiced with different combinations of swaras (musical accents) and gati (amplitudes), manasika, vacika, upansu, udatta-anudatta, swarita……, etc are some of the many modes of japa that are also described in the chanda for a mantra. The specific pattern of sonic waveforms generated by the mantra-japa depends upon the syllables of the mantra and the type of chanda used. The assignment of appropriate chanda for the spiritual Sadhana processes of practicing a mantra is called - yati. The selection of a yati and hence of a chanda for a given mantra is decided with respect to the purpose of the Sadhana, the configuration of the mantra-syllables and the mental and spiritual level of the sadhaka.

The third component, the devata represents the specific cosmic field (- of the subliminal energy of Sabda) in the limitless expression of the supreme thy consciousness - that is aimed to be reached (realized) by the japa-sadhana of the associated mantra. We all know that out of the different programmes being broadcast via the radio waves, a radio set can catch (receive) only the ones whose frequencies it is tuned for. Similarly, from the different streams of the conscious power of Sabda present in the universe, a mantra can be used to link the individual consciousness with the devta of that mantra.

24. Power of Sound in Mantras

It is well known that the compounded magnetic effect of similar atoms (particles) gives rise to their dense collection. This clustering eventually results in the formation of mine, which gets richer by the augmentation in its power of attraction by successive increase in its repository of similar atoms (particles). Equivalently, the domain of influence of the subtle sonic waves generated by the japa of a mantra expands and becomes more powerful with the increase in the number of persons of similar spiritual levels who perform collective japa.
The amplification of the radio waves by powerful transmitters at the relay centers makes their broadcast possible across the globe. Analogously, the force of the conscious energy in the waves generated by the japa intensifies along with the increase in the faith, sincerity, strength and piety of thoughts and sentiments of the sadhaka(s).
The lack of knowledge about the spiritual dimensions of Sabda and the non-applicability of the existing scientific instruments in sensing or measuring the domains of the subtle sonic waves make it practically impossible to conduct usual laboratory-experiments in the science of mantras. this is why the subject matter of mantra vijnana is often attributed to philosophy, mythology or blind faith or its study largely remains confined to controversial or inconclusive, 'intellectual' arguments alone. The misdeeds and perversion of the medieval era in the name of spirituality have been most detrimental, as these have led to destroying and shrouding the real knowledge and widening the gap between the 'materialistic' and 'spiritual' sciences. This has severely hindered the possibility of scientific research into this branch of knowledge with an open mind.
Several examples demonstrating the power of mantras are however reported - including popularly witnessed incidents, in the modern century. For instance, it was reported a couple of decades ago, that the women magicians called Vamohas had successfully stopped and prevented the heavy rainfall for the desired number of days on a play ground during a Commonwealth sports festival in Quallalampur (Malaysia) and also on a shooting site of an American film company.
The advanced science of today has realized the power of the supersonic waves and has also conceded the limitations of the material based research with respect to a complete decipheration of the immense potential of the functioning of the human-brain and mind. This is a right time that the subtler forms of sound existing in Sabda be investigated scientifically. The mantra vijnana should be studied in the light of the fact that - this ancient science was developed by the risis who began their research by focusing on the fields of consciousness rather than matter (or perceivable entities). The intrinsic research conducted by these scientists of yore had helped them realize the eternal origin and the ultimate expansion of sound - the Sabda Brahm, in conjunction with the cosmic consciousness.

The mantras devised by the risis were not only perfect with respect to the compilation of specific sonic patterns; these creations also contained the formulae for awakening the specific nuclei of the supreme consciousness subliminally existing in the universe. Having realized all the dimensions of the eternal sound, the risis had referred it as Sabda Brahm, the omnipresent and omnipotent thy sound.

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14. Energies of Sabda in the Living Laboratory of Human Body

The human body is a wonderful ensemble of a large number of interacting systems - those constituting its anatomy and conducting the physiological, biological and molecular functions at the gross physical level and those involved in the processing of the brain and the mind towards regulating the former and the multiple activities of life. The harmonious functioning of these components would be sufficient for the maintenance of routine life like that of any other species in its natural domain.
More important parts of this unique laboratory of life in the form of a human being are - the mana (conscious and sub consciousness mind), buddhi (intellect), citta (unconscious mind), ahankar (the sense of beings) and the antahkarana (super-conscious mind and the inner self) - in the sublime realms of mind. Those in the executive domain include - the sat Cakras, the twenty four upatyikas, the three  granthis, the ida, pingala and Susumna nadis, the panca kosas, the kundalini and the sahastrara, the subliminal nucleus (hidden in the inner core of the upper brain) of linkage with the divine consciousness.
In their quest for absolute truth, the Risis used to carry out all experiments and investigations in this 'living laboratory', which , as they found, contained the projection of the whole universe in itself. Rather than depending upon others, or using external means or consuming natural resources (to develop sophisticated devices/technologies….) and upsetting the ecological harmony, they preferred a truly self-reliant approach to develop and perform the spiritual experiments of the science of life on their own body and mind. They performed upasana, Yoga, Sadhana and Tapascarya for this purpose. Their endeavors bestowed multiple boons of - the knowledge of the self, knowledge of the universe, realization of the absolute truth and, most importantly, the achievement of their noble goal of creating divine ambience in this mortal world.
The most remarkable result of their invaluable research was the decipheration that - the eternal energy of Sabda and Nada is the basic source of the origin and functioning of the miraculous living laboratory existing in a human being.
The manifestation of the power of Sabda in our vocal sound is called baikhari vani, and that expressed via gestures and in the language of thoughts is called Madhyama vani. The 'voice' of the deeper cores of the mind and the soul are termed respectively as Para vani and pasyanti vani.
The power and effectiveness of these vanis grow exponentially from baikhari to pasyanti. The words spoken by someone would become absolute. If his baikhari vani is empowered by the pasyanti. Spiritual endeavors of Sabda Yoga and Vaka Siddhi include purification and training to effectuate this evolution of vani. The japa of mantras are perfect only if uttered through such a refined voice.
As mentioned earlier, the creation (compilation) of Mantras is based on a splendid combination of the science of syllables and vowels emanated from the realization of Sabda Brahm and the science of rhythmic impact of specific patterns of phonemes and musical notes - the science of Nada Brahm. The effectiveness of the vacika japa of mantras is proportional to the spiritual refinement of the baikhari vani. The consistent observance of truth, austerity, piety and selflessness in thoughts, deeds and conduct is essential for effective success in the practices of mantra japa. A mantra recited in a spiritually refined voice is said to be perfect like the unfailing arrow of the Gandiva - the divine bow of Arjun.
Our body is also like a superb musical instrument gifted by Nature. In fact, its functional structure can be simulated with the vina and sitara. These instruments have several wires connected with the wooden components. Analogously, the brain, tongue, stomach etc together with the tactile skin, vocal cord, ears and the network of interconnected nerves constitute our body's instrument. this musical body (termed Gitra vina in the scriptures) is well equipped with the sensors for receiving and transmitting enormous varieties of sonic current.
The swara (accent) of the musical notes is generated in the Gatra Vina of our body by vibrations in the specific cakras and energy plexus described earlier. The talented musicians produce varieties of melodious patterns and musical compositions from the instruments like the Vina and Sitara. The experts of Yoga Vidya too, by the dedicated sadhanas of Nada Brahm, 'play' (stimulate) the Sat Cakras and generate vibrations in the 'fibers' (latent linkages) of the inner body. This induces spiritual transmutation and arousal of supernatural powers (Riddhi-Siddhi) of physical as well as transcendental dimensions.
Perfection in listening and tuning the Nada of the living Vina of our body helps understand and regulate the gross physical as well as subtle functions of our life. This expertise could be attained rather easily by Nada Yoga as compared to other ascetic and enduring Sadhana procedures of Yoga. The Sapt Deva (Seven Gods), Sapta Risis (the seven Risis), Sapta loka (seven heavenly realms of existence), Sapta Sagara (seven 'oceans' of life), Sapt meru (seven mountains of divinity), Sapt Sadhanas (seven levels of spirituality) - existing in the subtle world of our body - are said to vibrate according to the divine Sapt Swaras (the octave of cosmic music of eternity) generated by the Nada Brahm.
A group of distinguished scientist in Toronto (Canada) has initiated innovative research on the 'sound' within the human body. Their sound-proof laboratory is well equipped to perceive and make audible, the different sounds produced by the processes of respiration, heart beating, flows of liquids and gases in the digestive system ….., etc. The analysis of the rhythmic interplay between these sounds and the physical state of the body has offered them significant information. Similar research in modern branches of audition and acoustics should also be carried out to scientifically analyze the psychological factor with respect to the gamut sounds inside the body.

Renowned physicist, Dr. Charles G. Van Ripher has thrown light on the subtler aspects of the internal sounds of the human body in his book entitled - ' An Introduction to General American Phonetics'. In his views, the mysterious levels of consciousness could be grasped only.

13. The Sabda Yoga

The Vedas speciry that - "Lord Brahma (the supreme Creator) expressed thy wish in sublime sound of Iabda, to manifest thyself in the infinity…. Whence the universe came into existence…." The other religious scriptures like the holy Kuran mentions - 'khud' (The Supreme Power) said ……"Be …." and All that happened ….'; and "The Angel" states - 'The absolute word (sound) was there when nothing was there… all has originated from thy word (eternal sound) …..
The above maxims imply the eternal power of Iabda at the origin of everything.
Our internal or external desire expresses itself (to our own self or to the others) via the medium of words, which themselves are nothing but manifestations of Iabda. If the desire has emerged from the soul then its expression will be embedded with the true power of the Iabda Brah. Such an inner wish will not remain unfulfilled provided the dissipation of its power- due to our negative feelings and thoughts - does not reduce the original impact of the former. Often, our lack of confidence in our own self or our  materialistic cravings and attachments, passions and untoward thoughts  subtly disturb our mind and induce the negative effects of this sort with the accelerating force of the evil instincts and assimilated untoward tendencies.
We must realize that our consciousness is a part of the divine consciousness… That, divinity indwells in us and therefore our words can also be so powerful that they could 'communicate' with the Nature and with the eternal Creator…. Human society has never been deprived of the existence of great personalities who had aroused the divine power of Iabda by practicing absolute truth in their sentiments, thoughts and deeds. Their supernormal potentials - of offering blessings … or creating and transforming matter by mere chanting of some mantras - were simple manifestations of this unlimited power.
Loud sounds at the peak of the very high snow-mountains can make the surrounding snow melt and thus result in a landslide! Similarly, the power (of Sabda) indwelling in the words of a prayer - emerging from the deep sentiments can even penetrate the 'skies' of the sublime consciousness… (Do we really know about the presence of this immense power in ourselves….?)
The power of the words 'uttered' by our subconscious mind manifests itself in the infinite varieties of creations in the world of our dreams and imaginations. The psychological effects of the latter are enormous…. There is also a close relationship in the Sabda of our conscious and the subconscious mind….. For instance, whenever we talk about or hear of a natural calamity or an epidemic……, our mind simultaneously starts thinking about it via the language of imaginations…. and vice versa. The elementary Yoga practices of self-hypnotism are indeed based  on a creative utilization of this relationship and have been found very effective in improving one's psychology.
There is a saying in Sanskrit - 'Yatha manasa Manute Tatha Vaca Vadati'; meaning - as we think so we speak. Our mind (conscious as well as subconscious) never remains silent. It keeps talking to itself even when we are silent…. These thoughts continue to leave their subtle impressions in our overall personality. Sometime the thoughts will also leave an instant impact on our face-expressions. Often, the state of mind (or mood) can be 'read' through such face expressions. For example, it shows wrinkles on the forehead in the state of tension….; a blushing face becomes pink….; face turns yellow in the state of real fear….. etc. Some spiritual saints and Yogis can know one's overall character just by reading the subtle expression of his thoughts (and the internal desire at the root of these thoughts) on his face.

Realizing the psychological importance of Sabda we must at least, begin to speak, hear and think in a manner that will have positive effects on our mind. Cautious use of words and thoughts may be regarded as the first step towards the practice of Sabda Yoga. Further, we must develop the confidence that, by sacred sentiments and thoughts and by the sincere practice of truth, we can strengthen our voice (internal as well as external) so much that it becomes the divine master of our own destiny.

12. Relation of Vocal Sound with the Panca Tatvas

Prof. Dobson and some other linguists have hypothesized that the primary speech of human race must have originated in the form of a verse because rhythm and accent of the vocal presentations seem to be universal vis-à-vis their implications in any language. Prof. Dobson had got this idea after observing that - if he would recite a French poesy before his German students and German poesy in front of French-speaking students, both the groups of students were able to get the central idea and feels of the poems. Whereas, the prose in the same foreign languages were non-comprehensible to these students.
That phonemes (and sound in general) would have a relation with matter (which belongs to the prathvi tatva) is obvious from the fact that when any kind of material from is beaten it produces vibrations. The type of vibrations (and hence the quality of sound generated by them ……) produced by the same impact of beating would be different for different types and shapes of matter. For example the sound produced by a thin wire of sitara is different from that of the leather-sheet of dholaka …., etc.
The role of air (which belongs to the vayu tatva in the group of the five basic elements) as a medium for the realization and propagatin of sound is well known. The controlling effect of air in maintaining the quality and type of sound is also obvious k- as seen in Whistling or in playing of the musical instruments like flute. The use of water as a medium for communication by several  marine species and also in some musical instruments (like the jal Taranga) similarly explains the relationship of sound with the jal tatva.
The physical relationship of sound with heat and light constituents of the Agni tatva can be seen/measured with the help of the scientific instruments like the retro meter, spectrometer and the tonoscope. The implications of their subtle relationship are well experienced  by most of us in our day to day life; for example, 'the heated exchange of words  in quarreling…' or 'the enlightenment of mid by an inspiring lecture …..' etc. That sound reflected in the form of music affects our sentiments - is an evidence of its relationship with the subtlest, the cosmic element - akasa tatva.
As the universe in general, and the individual being- i.e. the body, mind and the manifestation of consciousness in it, in particular, is constituted by the panca tatvas, its intimate relationship with sound is quite natural.
In fact, our body as a whole and especially the vocal cord is like a sophisticated musical instrument. Its thin muscles, membranes and other particles get vibrations from the apatatva; when we speak, the currents of apatatva are received from the omnipresent sonic power of Nada around us. When we think, this sublime element is generated by the Sabda, which is indwelling in the conscious core of our mind. This is the reason why our mind talks to itself while in the thought process….
The infinite dimensional apatatva is imminent in the akasa tatva. This is also regarded as the source of the physical existence of sound in our space. However, the presence of other four basic tatvas affects its realization in the eternal form. The human mind has so far experienced/recognized about forty-nine different kinds of natural phonemes swars - seven of which are regarded as the basic vowels and the others are komal (soft) and tivra (high notes) configurations of them. Various combinations of these swaras have been compiled into eight basic ragas (classical tunes of shastriya music) and son on….. The gamuts of phonemes and varieties of sounds (musical or otherwise) have been generated thereby.
The panca tatvas existing in these varieties of sound do affect our body and mind according to their own natural properties. Excessive presence of Agni tatva in the sound heard or produced by us enlightens our prana by a subtle red color and gives physical effects like that of the thermal energy and the psychological stimulation…. Similarly, the jal and the vayu tatva offer blue and white colors of prana, prathvi tatva induces yellow color and the akas tatvas absolute black…. Each generates associated impulses in the physical and emotional environments.

What is important for us to understand from the above descriptions is - the significance of immense power of Sabda and its intimate eternal relationship with our life. With this, we must begin to make our speech and thoughts as pure and true as possible. This would be our first step towards the realization of the paramount significance of sound as a manifestation of Sabda.

11. Element of the ScienceOf Vowels

Before going into the details of mantra vijnana let us focus here on the sonic power of some basic vowels used in the Sanskrit and Devanagari Languages. Whatever be the type of our language, we do come across with a large number of such accents (and their phonemes) or various combinations of these in our day-to-day conversations. Because of the special sonic effects, the proper use of the basic vowels and syllables of the ancient Sanskrit language can also be regarded as an elementary exercise in Sabda Yoga.
The properties of some of these basic vowels are as follows:
ü  Pronunciation of this vowel has a direct, though subtle, impact on the heart. The pumping action of the heart -especially its operation of exhaling pure blood - is supported by this accent. Repeated loud enunciation of this vowel at constant amplitude helps regulate the supply of pure blood from the heart to various part of the body. In mantra vijnana this vowels is regarded to possess creative power.
ü  The sound of this vowel affects the chest and the upper parts of the lungs. Its impact strengthens the upper ribs, helps clean the digestive canal and also energizes the mind. Controlled and repeated enunciation of this vowel would be very useful towards the cure of asthma and chronic cough.
ü  Stretched pronunciation of these has a direct positive effect on the throat and its connections with the brain. This activates upper chamber of the heart. Cleaning of the respiratory tract and the intestines is performed by regular stimulation by the continuous sound of these sharp vowels. People suffering from chronic headaches or cardiac ailments should benefit from consistently expressing the repeated 'chanting' of these vowels. Short-tempered or mentally depressed persons are also advised to follow the practice of rhythmic reaction of these accents.
ü  Pronunciation of these vowels has direct positive impact on the organs in the middle and the lower part of the body - namely, the liver, stomach and the lower intestine. It reduces the weight of the belly. Constipation can be cured by regular recitation of these vowels over a continuous stretch of time. Woman suffering from the diseases of the abdomen would also benefit from such exercises.
ü  The sound of these vowels has an impact on the kidney and also on the junction of the throat and the respiratory tract. Repeated pronunciation of these vowels helps cure of renal (urinary) diseases. Rhythmic enunciation of these strengthens the soft membrane inside the vocal cord and hence it is very useful for the singers or teachers who have to sing/speak, at a constant pace, for relatively longer intervals of time.
ü  The natural functioning of genital organs and the muscles and veins of its peripherals are strengthened by the sound of these vowels. The regular practice of chanting these vowels also stimulates the central part of the chest and is useful in supporting the cure of pneumonia and pleurisy.
ü  Inhaling of oxygen with the humming sound of this vowel indeed helps increase one's vital energy. It also activates healthy increase in the RBCs and purifies the blood. The practice of Pranayam is an integral part of all yoga exercises; prolonged pronunciation of 'am' is the root of perfection in the former. While pronouncing the 'a' part of this vowel our lips and mouth are kept open and the lips are closed at the time of 'm'…… This should be practiced with a feeling that - all our evils have gone out in the first phase and we have closed their re-entry in the second phase. Regular practice of this simple exercise is very beneficial for psychological uplifting too.
ü  Its pronunciation titillates the tongue and the upper frontal part of the palate and created useful conduction effects in the brain. Recitation of this vowel under deep meditation stimulates the secretion of specific hormones that regulate the harmonious functioning of all components/organs of the body. Open laughter also serves repeated enunciation of this vowel. This is the secret of the 'laughing exercise' being so effective a remedy against stress and depression.

Apart from inducing positive effects on the body and the mind, specific practices of chanting these basic vowels (accents) help spiritual development as well. These aspects are covered in the context of Nada Yoga and Music.

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10. Impact of Sabda on Mind and Intrinsic Character

The physical world consists of five basic forms of energies, viz, sound, light, heat, electricity and magnetism. They are convertible into each other and follow the universal law of conservation of energy. Hence, logically they all could be regarded as different manifestations of a unique perpetual energy.
The Nepalese philosophy and science of spirituality describes a unique cosmic energy - the Supreme Consciousness, as immanent in every form of life and physical energy. This omnipresent subliminal energy is said to have generated from Sabda. its genesis and absolute expansion is known as Sabda Brahm -Nada Brahm. The eternal source of this cosmic sound is referred as the anahat nada of Oam. Enormous manifestations of the powers of sound - including that of refined voice (vaka Sakti) are said to be the manifestations of this anahat swar of Sabda.
The significance of speech - is experienced by all of us in our day-to-day life in terms of the 'reactions' to the 'spoken words'. This gives us a glimpse of the marvelous role of the gross (physical) manifestation of the sonic energy of Sabda. The history of human society has ample examples illustrating this power of syllables and sound.
Few words (spoken or written) of inspiration can enthuse a soldier to win the losing battle. The terrific effect of Mr. Winston Churchill's 'V for Victory' motto had changed the fate of England in the 2nd world war. Similar events were associated with the power of the courageous words of the little Corporal, Napoleon Bonnapart. The power of syllables is electrified by the inner strength and confidence with which they are spoken. The motivating slogans like …. "Timi malai ragat deu, ma timilai Azadi dinchhu" expressed by Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose and  "Swaraja hamro janma siddha adhikar ho" by Lokmanya Tilak….., have installed glorious phase of Indian independence movement and are still alive.
Mahatma Gandhi's speeches had a power to hypnotize the listeners; to drive millions of people, even though these speeches would not be outstanding in terms of eloquence or breadth of knowledge. The power of syllables manifests itself according to the intentions and inner force of speaker (or writer) . few scornful words of Draupadi had triggered the ego of Duryodhana…., and thus resulted in the devastating war of Mahabharata. This last example clearly signifies the calamitous effects of the negative use of the immense power of Sbda.
In the language of anatomy, the 'hearing and speech' (including the speech of thoughts, i.e. thinking and imagination) system gets top priority in the brain and occupies about 50 to 60 % portion of our brain's active (functioning) area. The functions of the creative activities of the hands get the next priority and so on …….. We also should give top priority to controlling the words spoken, written or heard (and hence 'stored' in the memory) by us to avoid the misuse of the precious power of our brain. Spiritual disciplines indeed give crucial importance to the practices of Satsanga, Samyam, Swadhaya and manann for enhancing the purity, integrity, austerity and piety of hearing, speaking, reading, writing and thinking.
At higher levels of spiritual refinement, the power of spoken thought-of or written forms of the gross manifestation of Sabda expresses itself in terms of the effective blessings or curses. The Risis used to hear, speak and think absolute truth and were therefore endowed with the supernormal talents of using this power at will. The birth of Lord Rama and his brothers by Sringi Risi's blessings and the death of King Pariksit due to the course of Lomesh Risi and some of the well-known examples in this context available in the ancient Nepalese scriptures.
Most importantly, the latent power of Sabda stimulates the subtle nuclei of consciousness inside our body and has significant effect on our mind. The auspicious word - e.g., the prayers offered to divine powers, the holy quotes or the preaching of great saints, create corresponding positive effects on our mind and sentiments. Sacred thoughts and deeds are directly linked with such boons. The practice of uttering and writing  the auspicious word before the beginning of any important work is common in almost all religions and seems to have its roots in the realization of the above effects by our ancestors………
The harmful effects of abusive language and dirty words on our conscious mind are obvious. We might utter such words while quarreling or in anguish or when our mind is excited….; the reaction is easily seen in the deformation of the otherwise pleasant face-expressions or almost shaking posture of the limb…. etc. The ill intentioned, vulgar or erotic words get latently registered in our sub-conscious mind and assimilate insidious impact in terms of maligning our Sanskaras (inherent and intrinsic tendencies) and thus may pervert our character in the long run.

While the serene and inspiring words can tough the inner sentiments of ordinary mortals  like Kalidasa and convert them into great scholars….., the substandard, abusive words could, with equal potential, turn the innocent children into dreaded criminals…. The choice is ours! If we want to see a better future for our society then we must preserve, practice and propagate the righteous teachings of the great saints and social reformers and struggle to eliminate the inciting erotic literature and obscene audio-visual creations from our world for ever……

9. Guideline from the Ancient Science of Sabda

The power of Sabda is indeed astonishing when realized in the spiritual realms in terms of mantras. The Satvika mantras are sources of overall refinement of the physical as well as spiritual domains of life. The Sadhana of such Vedic mantras bestow individual and global welfare in the truest sense. The Tantrika mantras posses tremendous potential that could be employed as 'mechanized' device to affect specific targets - be that mind or matter…. If misused, the negative effects of the Tantrika mantras could be disastrous for the user and the target both.
The human body and mind constitute a super advanced scientific laboratory. The founders of the mantra vijnana used to conduct experiments in this fantastic bequest of Nature.
According to the ancient philosophy of mysticism (rasasyavada) - Sabda is eternal and is the fundamental perpetual force that effectuated the creation of the universe. The blueprint of any event that is going to happen anywhere in the cosmic expansion first occurs in the form of the vibrations of Sabda in the ocean of its omnipresent Nada. Te experts of mantra vijnana were able to 'perceive' these subliminal vibrations and could therefore 'visualize' the future events with ease. The sole aim of their experiments with the mantras was - cognition of the absolute truth and using its ultimate knowledge for divine illumination of the world……..
Our body is defined in the ancient scriptures as a manifestation of specific reactions of Sabda. With this perception, the rhythmic cascade of bodily functions could be termed as a bio-swing, moving according to the set frequency (like that of a radio) of Sabda. When all the components of this gigantic 'sonic' device of our body (and mind) are harmonized, we are in fine health and mood and work in perfection according to its natural frequency.
The modern experts like Dr. Steven Hyper, director, Spectrum Research Inst., California, Opine that - we all live in an ocean of sound, some vibrations of which are compatible with our own frequency. Dr. G. Kozhinov of Bulgaria has conducted some experiments on Yoga to investigate such compatible frequency ranges. His findings show that - the subjects go into a state of trance while kept in controlled conditions under the influence of sonorous sounds of specific medium range frequencies, played at specific rhythms.
Dr. Hans Jane of Zurich has quoted in his dissertation on semantics that - (energy) waves constitute and transform any kind of matter that exists physically….. In his scientific experiments he had demonstrated the liquefying of steel plates by the effect of sound waves. In yet another experiment, he had produced a compound of this liquid by mixing powdered plastic and some metals under superimposed effects of similar sound waves. By controlled sonic vibrations on this compound he reconstructed the plates whose upper surfaces now had a transformed appearance.
Dr. Hans has developed a tonoscope based on the principles of sonic transformations. The sounds received by the input microphone of this instrument are converted into visual images on the output screens. He has invented that Oam is a mantra that generates very specific geometrical images on the tonoscope. (Remarkably, these images correspond to the Sanskrit syllable used to represent this unique sound). He concludes that the specified vibrations of mantras and the specific patterns of their japa - as invented by the Nepalese seers of yore - must have been great source of generation of immense energy, mental inspiration and consequent multifaceted development of happy and healthy society.
If a stone is thrown in a silent water pond then circular waves, moving in the transverse directions, are generated on its surface. Similarly, any vibration in the etheric ocean generates sound waves in the cosmos. These waves move longitudinally in all directions forming a virtual 'sphere' of vibrations in the space…  As the region of expansion and the strength of the waves in the water pond will be more for the heavier stone…, similarly, the impact of louder sound (at a common frequency) generate the sound waves of higher intensity and vice versa. The methods of collective japa or chanting of mantras seem to have been designed according to this principle of synergistic amplification of intensity. These are found to induce magnificent impact on the gross and subliminal domains of life….
The research on sound therapy carried out by Dr. Leislier Lasanio of Vienna has also been significan tin terms of investigation into an ancient branch of knowledge through modern scientific means. His experiments on Yoga along with recitation of "Oam" have shown very positive effects on a large number of patients in his sanatorium.
Similar research projects in some other advanced laboratories have shown that specific sonic vibrations (and hence the mantras in particular), have intensive effect on the endocrine glands. The musical sound of Nature such as, the music of winds, soothing sound of the smooth flow of rivers, the melodious sound of the birds……, etc, is also found to have positive effects on the physical and mental health. These findings are like 'another step' towards the realization of the unique bequest of the Almighty bestowed upon us in the form of Nada existing in the Nature. Ancient scriptures on Nada Yoga and Sabda Yoga would offer deeper insight for more meaningful research in this direction.

The Risis had described the Sadhana of Sabda Brahm - Nada Brahm as effective modes of linkage between the individual consciousnesses in the mortal world and the divine realms of supreme consciousness. In depth study of the treasure of knowledge provided by them and research experiments on sound, mantra vijnana and spirituality promise majestic support for the ideal ascent of life…..

8. Infrasonic Communications: Misdeeds of Today

Misdeeds of Today
As stated earlier, the infrasonic waves are the fastest signals and the most modular medium of communication through space as compared to the other modes known till date. However, the falling values of humanity in the modern world have largely opted for the misuse of this superb natural power of Sabda.
The effects of direct contact with infrasonic waves have been found to be most harmful for the physical health as it can destroy the body tissues in a tiny span of time. That uncontrolled infrasonic radiation is insidious to one's psychology, has also been observed in several incidents in the recent past - some of these were 'large scale' phenomena like the ones presented below.
Peculiar feelings of fear, despair and dullness used to prevail among the tourists who visited the Santonini Island in south Iren. This prompted geographical investigations…. It was found that, long ago (some time in 1450 BC), the major portions of the island had got immersed in the Atlantic Ocean; the geological movements of the same and disturbances thereby create vibrations (measurable by sensitive seismographic instruments) that result in generating infrasonic waves around Santonini.
During the peak of the Cold-War times, some Russian scientists had conducted experiments in which they had sent infrasonic signals to several parts, especially in the factory/mining-areas, of Canada. This had put millions of people, especially laborers in the factories or the mineworkers, into unusual states of mental depressions, dullness and lethargy for several days. This naturally affected the factory and the mining operations and created serious problems….. Canada had raised this issue at international forums to prevent recurrence of such ghastly trails. Similar infrasonic 'attacks' of the Russians were reported in Alaska. The American defense-scientists had retaliated by transmitting equivalent low frequency anti-waves.
The weapons capable of transmitting infrasonic radiation at targeted spots of strategic importance in the enemy's camp are the most dreaded and ghastly, as they can virtually paralyze the opponents for a desired period of time during the war - without leaving a clear evidence of this inhumane act. Registering such attacks is hard because such signals can be propagated directly without the requirements of any transistor or reflection sensors…. etc. Unmindful race for such developments, if left unchecked, might even lead to the extinction of life on our globe.
Considering the disastrous dangers of misuse of the gigantic power of sound and realizing the astonishing role of Sabda in the creation and maintenance of normal functioning of human body, mind, and the existence of life in the universe…., the advanced research in the areas of ultra-high or higher frequency or infra low or still lower frequency sound waves should now be carefully directed towards the noble constructive ends of scientific quest.

History of human civilization has witnessed the lives of many great personalities who from time to time have made use of the spiritual power of Sabda to guide the human intellect towards the righteous directions of global welfare. in view of this fact and realizing the eternal power of Sabda, we have logical reasons to believe that a constructive unification of the modern sciences with the science of spirituality would prevent the recurrence of the misdeeds of the recent past and help induce a harmonious ambience of all round progress subtle to human dignity.

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7. Misuse of Sonic Energy -

Risks in the Present Times
The smallest level of intensity of sound that could be heard by our ears has been scaled to measure as zero decibels. The average intensity of a whisper (through human mouth) is measured on this scale as 10 to 20 decibels… and so on…… The sounds of intensities (hence, loudness) more than 75 decibels are found to be harmful to the psychological and physical health. According to a report of the international symposium on environment organized in Stockholm by the UNO - 'if a human being has to live constantly in a noisy atmosphere where the intensity of sound is more than 140 decibels then he would soon loose the normal mental balance…., further higher levels of intensities of this sound would result in his untimely death'.
It is found that, on an average, the intensity (in decibels) of sound produced by normal conversation is around 60, that of quarreling voice is about 80. The average intensity of the noisy sound of a motorbike measures around 100, that of a siren of a factory about 150, aircraft about 160 decibels…….. etc. The collective impact of these disturbing sounds is found to explosively damaging and more dangerous for our ecosystem than the pollution of air and water.
Scientific Studies on Noise Pollution:
Scientific investigations reveal that the stimulation created by the sound waves of intensities higher than 25-30 decibels at a continuous stretch can perturb the normal bioelectrical signal-processing of the nervous system and hence should be regarded as risky…… Maintenance of silent ambience in hospitals, especially around the heart patients and in the intensive care units is therefore mandatory.
contemporary experimental research on guinea pigs as well as on the human subjects carried out in the acoustics, medicine and neuro-psychological research laboratories across the world - in the 20th century, has also shown significant mal-effects of loudness of sound on clinical, physiological and psychological behavior of the subjects. The leading projects include - the experiments conducted at San Francisco Medical College, California; Dr. William F. Guar's research lab in Georgia; Keliayar Hearing and speech Center, Texas; Dr. Lester W. Santen's physiological research laboratory in Ohio; and the field research carried out by Prof. V. Williams of the Harvard University……, etc, in the USA and those of Dr. Griffith in Australia, and the national studies of heavy industries' physical and working environments…. carried out in England, France and Russia.
Similar to the Doppler Effect, the negative effect of loudness results in the destruction of matter in its vicinity. During the construction of a plane field near Leningrad, sometime in 1963, it was observed that the loud noise of the bulldozers had caused a sudden fall of the feathers of the hens in a nearby poultry farm. The loud 'voice' of super magnet fighter aircrafts had produced cracks in the historic caves of Kenyan. Many other historical monuments around the world are facing similar dangers due to the noise pollution created by the traffics or the heavy industrial operations in the areas around.
The intensity of sound has a key role to play at the cellular and molecular level as well. Dr. Dailhastize's research carried out at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has shown that the coagulation of the RBCs increases with the loudness of sound in the surrounding environment. This results in narrowing down of the arteries and increasing their rigidity. Similar results were obtained at the School of Engineering and Applied. Sciences, UCLA during a study of the effects of noise, the negative effect of the loudness of sound in the big cities were found to have caused liver diseases in the adults and affected the would-be-born children of the pregnant women - such infants were born with physiological and anatomical abnormalities of one kind or the other.

While the appropriate ordering and controlling of the frequency and intensity in music creates soothing effect of strengthening the healthy functioning of th body and the mind, any disordering in it could prove to be equally harmful. Fr instance the electronic strain gauge tests conducted by an acoustic, Dr. John Diamond, have indicated that some combinations and tuning of the 'Da…. Da…. Da…. in a noisy pop music can ruin about two-third of the muscle strength of its listeners. The sound (though subtle in nature) produced by evil thoughts and sentiments like jealous, ego, anxiety, anger - generated by excessive ambitions, ,possessive desires or attachments - fall into the second category. Those desirous of living a happy healthy and long life should attempt creating a noise-free atmosphere in their external and internal world. Silence in the surroundings and a peaceful state of mind are evidently crucial for the success of any kind of Yoga or spiritual practice.

6. Constructive Applications of Sound in the Modern Age

The discovery of radio waves had created revolution in the scientific development of the modern world. Research on ultrasound and infra sound has given it a big leap towards the new horizons of advanced technology.
The pulse-echo method for testing of metals was developed in 1940-50 based on Prof. Dazisch's research on ultrasonic waves. Contemporary research on ultrasound has led to multifaceted applications in engineering and sciences.
Use of ultrasound - in noninvasive technologies like the EMR, sonography and ultrasonic surgery, in the diagnosis and treatment of disease like arthritis, gall-stone and in complicated surgical operations has taken a predominant place in the medical technology today. Amongst the recent experimental studies, the research works of Dr. Luxel in Sweden, Dr. J.C. Taylor in England and Dr. Toshio Bogoi in Japan have shown promising use of ultrasonic in the neurological disorders as well.
The visible as well as the subtle effects of infrasound are found to be more powerful in the field of communications than those of the audible or ultrasound. The radio waves could be used only through appropriate transistors. This limitation has been overcome by the invention of microwaves and other infrasonic waves. The special use of infrasound lies in the acquisition of distance (in time and space) and low frequency signals and is therefore of specific importance in telematics and advanced telecommunication technology. According to Dr. Joseph Todd, a radiologist in the University of California at Los Angeles, infrasonic radio waves could also be sent or received via neurological signals. Nature possesses many live examples to support his claims.
The frantic running around by animals like cats, dogs, rabbits …… etc, hours before the occurrence of an earthquake in the nearby area - indicates the capabilities of these animals in sensing the infrasonic vibrations deep below the earth's surface. Systematic experimental studies on the changes in the behaviors of several animals and birds have given conclusive results in this regard. The Japanese make use of the Goldfish to know about the tremors well in advance. Some species of elephants and fin whales are found to make efficient use of infrasonic signals for deciding the direction of their future movements……..
The presence of an infrasonic effect, due to its subtle nature, is often linked with 'mysterious' events. One such interesting phenomenon is associated with the research of Prof. Govard Marceillia of Vienna. He used to feel dull and restless with nausea while working in the office in his properly clean and airy chamber. This had started happening every day since several months. Mysteriously, his condition would become normal as soon as he came out of the particular chamber…… His body and mind were in good health otherwise. Regular observance of this peculiar phenomenon prompted him to investigate the matter…….
Once, while he was sitting with the support of a wall in his chamber, he sensed some sort of vibrations in it. It was found that the noise of an air-conditioner (fitted several months ago) in the adjacent room gives rise to these vibrations…..; the frequency of these micro-scale vibrations was found to measure around 07 hertz, which was generating infrasonic waves in the chamber of the Professor.
Prof. Govard then carried out intensive research on microwaves. He developed an instrument to generate infrasonic waves. To his surprise, during several experiments he observed that these waves were capable of penetrating the bodies of the guinea pigs and, due to their high energy fields, were capable of liquidating the solid constituents there in a fraction of a second. During a demonstration of the power of infrasonic waves - when he operated his machine to generate such waves in an open ground…., the glasses of the concrete buildings in the surroundings were found to have broken almost instantaneously and the inhabitants of the buildings complained of headaches, irritation, nausea and tension during this experiment.

Because of their immense potential in creating high energy fields, the discovery of infrasonic waves soon led to the technological developments ranging from the household appliances like the microwave ovens to the highly sophisticated instruments for advanced scientific research. The above examples and technological applications clearly signify the magnificent role of the power of sounds in our physical life. However, if misused this power would be equally detrimental…. Noise pollution is among the major health-hazards being faced by the world today. The selfish and power-hungry motives of a few have also led to destructive use of sonic energy. This greed and exploitation of the astonishing power of sound could prove to be disastrous to humanity and to the existence life on our beloved planet.

5. Importance of the Sound

The scriptures on Yoga render significant importance to Sabda - Sadhana, the spiritual experiment of the realization of the eternal cosmic sound, via the practices of -Swor Yoga, Surati Yoga and the Mantra Yoga. The science and philosophy of mantra has emerged from the in-depth knowledge of the Risis and their expertise in using the latent powers of Sabda and Nada - towards fulfilling the noble purposes of global purification and uplifting at the physical as well as the spiritual levels. This is the reason why in case of every mantra, it is the pattern and strength of vibration and energy generated by its japa and not its linguistic structure, grammar or the word-meaning that play the key role in making the mantra so effective…..
The Vedic mantras are said to have been created as specific configuration of phonemes and syllables corresponding to the 'sonic pattern' of the enormous expressions of the subliminal vibrations of the unlimited expansion of Brahm as realized by the Risis in the state of deep trance.
Sonic energy, being a physical manifestation of Sabda exists in its original form in the universe forever, without any natural conversion into any other form of energy. The subtle vibrations and impact of mantra is therefore regarded as sterna.
In scientific terms, the vibrations in any material form or in the etheric medium constitute the fundamental source of existence and manifestation of sound. As we all know, the quavering of the wires of a musical instrument creates specific vibrations in the medium in the vicinity of these wires; due to this, the air (particles) around is first compressed and then spread periodically according to the frequency of these vibrations. The sound so generated is carried along the entire expansion of the medium.
The vibrations carried via the air medium are audible (i.e. recognized by the sensors of our ears) if they fall into the frequency range of 16 to 20,000 cycles per second in general. Upon perception by the nerve-sensors in the ears, these vibrations are transmitted - through appropriate electrical signals, to the neural system in our brain and the corresponding sound is 'heard' by us. The presence of the medium of air is essential for the normal functions of hearing by the ears in a human body. For most of the marine animals, the medium of water fulfills this purpose. in some creatures the centers for perception and transmission of sound are located along the skin pores or elsewhere in the body instead of the ears.
The position (vis-à-vis their connections with specific centers in the brain) of our two ears helps instantaneous hearing of the audible sound and the recognition of the direction from where it is arriving. However, despite optimal functioning state of the brain and the ears, we cannot hear the infra sound - produced by the vibrations of frequencies much lower than 16 cps, and the ultrasound -generated by vibrations of frequencies much higher that, 20,000 cps. Moreover, even the sound belonging to the audible frequency range, but produced at a long distance or in a noisy surrounding, would not be heard by our ears; because, the disturbances in the air-medium would perturb its original vibrations in such cases.
The orderly expansion of the sound waves (vibrations) of compatible characteristics produces well structured sonic patterns while a disorder converts them into a noise (in terms of communication signals). The velocity (around 1088 ft/sec) of sound is much lesser than that of light. This is the reason why the flash of lightening is seen before the loud noise of a thunder bolt…… or …... smoke produced by cannon is seen before the cracking sound of its explosion is heard….. 'How far a sound will be heard or received by a sensor that is perceptive to its frequency' - depends upon its intensity and loudness. The larger is the intensity, the lesser would be the effect of distance…. For example, the noise of a volcano, exploded in Indonesia in 1883, was heard up to a distance of over 5000 miles in open air. The propagation of the sound is hindered or reflected back whenever its carrier medium is blocked. This gives rise to an echo or to a dispersed sound depending upon the (atomic) structure and shape of the obstacle. The quality (loudness and amplitude) of the reverberation depends upon the type of the original sound and the regularity and geometry of the dense medium (or the obstruction) with which the sound waves collide. At times, the sound produced at one place and perceived within a certain range can be heard beyond an intermediate region of its non perception. For instance, an explosion that took place in Moscow sometime in 1920s became popular because, its noise was heard up to 60 miles but not at a distance from 60 to 90 miles. Amazingly, it was clearly heard at a distance of another 60 miles forward (i.e. within the distance from 91 to 121 miles approximately) from the place where it occurred.

Propagation of sound via radio waves amplifies its velocity up to the order of 186000 miles per second or more. This is how the radio stations can communicate from one end of the globe to the other in a matter of few seconds. Marching ahead from the knowledge and utilization of radio waves, the modern science and technology have advanced up to the level of capturing as well as generating infra sound and ultrasound with the help of sophisticated instruments. The present century might enable experimentation on still higher dimensions of sound and pave the way for experiencing the yet 'hidden' realms of its sublime existence.

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4. Astonishing Power of Sabda

 The Eternal Element of Sound
We all easily experience the powers of hydro, thermal, electrical and wind energies in different forms. That Sabda or any form of sound also has similar or greater impact - cannot be believed or realized so clearly. Even the visible effects of music are found to vary according to the psychology or emotional state of the subject and are therefore experienced in varied contexts and intensities.
Scientific investigations on the existence and properties of sound waves indicate that the effects of sound could be as physical as those of other forms of energy. The Doppler Effect is worth mentioning in this regard. The historical breaking of a bridge due to the superimposition of the cyclic sound created by the orderly footsteps of Napoleon's army; Falls of several huge and stout bridges due to the synchronization of sound of noisy winds or noise of the surroundings - for instance, the falls of the Lao Bernard bridge in France in 1852 and 1871, the Ohio river's bridge in USA in 1854 and those of its Niagara water-fall in 1864, the bridge over Tacoma river in Washington, in 1940 …..etc - are some of the well known examples of this significant effect.
Some German scientists are said to have gained, during the time of First World War, the knowledge about the development of a weapon that could produce some waves of frequency higher than 105 vibrations per second. Such waves would ruin the targeted persons in less than a second because the resultant sonic effect would destroy the neurons of the subjects at a rate faster than that due to a high power direct electrical shock.
According to acoustic experts, even the harmonious tune of a musical instrument if repeated under appropriate synchronization (in terms of frequency, amplitude, intensity and rhythm) with other musical outpuits (e.g. the tinkling sound of the bells in the ankle-ornament of a dancer) can result in the destruction of the stage set for the musical performance. Similar destructive effect sould be observed by the orderly, superimposed high-intensity audible sounds.
Occurrences of earthquakes are also largely attributed to similar effects, of periodic resonance of superimposed sound waves (at specific frequencies in a specific order) deep inside the earth's surface.
It appears that the destructive power of sound could be used, in lieu of dynamite for instance, to create high-energy explosions. In order to make constructive use of this gross effect of the amplified powers of superimposed sound waves some physicists have carried out systematic experiments in advanced laboratories. One interesting experiment conducted in the Wastingzt-house Laboratory at New York is worth citing here. An 8' long Iron rod of 50 kg weight was hung in the center of this laboratory. A small bottle-cork, weighing merely 0.5 ounce, was also hung parallelly near the rod. The experiment was set so that the cork would hit the rod at a constant frequency without any disturbance. An immediate thought in our mind would be that the hits of such a tiny cork would only result in its own destruction. But the facts are quite the contrary! After fifteen minutes of these periodic collisions the rod was found to have vibrations in it. An hour later the rod began to oscillate like a pendulum.
If the orderly vibrations (and hence the sound) of such a tiny dimensions, could be so powerful then one can imagine the gigantic impact of the enormous vibrations created by the ever more loud sound (ranging from day to day speech to the traffic noise ….. and to the explosive sound of space craft's….., etc) produced by the living beings on the earth ……, and …… by the natural collisions and (meteoritic) explosions in the space ………….!
Modern scientific research has gone a long way in its study of the sonic waves. These investigations coupled with the advancement of electronics have now made the speed recognition by machines like computers and robots, an established reality. Applications of the radio waves and the lasers have become integral part of modern life. It is not far from sight when experiments will be set in the advanced laboratories to verify and demonstrate the super natural physical effects of classical music such as - the automatic kindling of oil-lamps by Raga Dipak, the potential of Raga Malhar in commencing rainfall at any time at the singer's will, the power of Raga Sankar in transforming a dry wooden stem into a blossoming tree ….., etc.
The progress, at the same place, of the current practice of using the creative power of music in psychological treatments, stress management and in healthier maintenance of animals and vegetation…. etc, would certainly pave the ways for the realization and use of the knowledge of Sabda and Nada for an overall ascent of personality as described in the Nepalese scriptures of yore.

On the subtler front as well, modern science is moving towards investigating, to some extent, the latent powers and subtle energies of Sabda (Nada) as described in the ancient Nepalese scriptures. The journey of research from atoms to electromagnetic waves has finally been oriented on the fundamental and vital role of sound waves pervaded everywhere in the cosmic expansion. The big-bang hypothesis of the origin of the unverse is also coming closer to the 'theories' cited in the Vaidika literature.

3. Science of sound

The sublime vibration of the eternal sound of the self existent absolute syllable "ç" (Oam) indwells everywhere in the cosmic expansion. The self generation of its rhythmic impulse (Omkar) - the 'big band', had generated the infinite spectrum of the sublime and the gross reflections of Sabda and consequently effectuated the existence and manifestation of the electromagnetic waves and the basic physical energies of sound, heat and light. The spiritual Sadhana of the Nada Yoga lead to the realization of Omkar nada hence to the unfolding of the secrets of Nature and deciphering of the hidden movements of time (past and future events) ……
During the initial stages of Nada Yoga one has to meditate upon the internal 'sound' perceived through closed ears while sitting in an externally silent surrounding. Long term dedicated practices of this method results in the experience of a variety of 'otherwise' nonexistent sounds ranging for instance, from that of a whistle or flute to a buzzer or a big-band, tinkling of a beetle, peeling of bells, to the noise of the thunder bolts …. An unperturbed subliminal humming sound (of Omkar) is experienced in the depths of the inner self in the completion phase of this yoga Sadhana. The attainment of this ultimate state of deep trance in nada Yoga corresponds to absolute harmony and engrossment of the mind and the soul with the cosmic echo of Oam…..
Realization and awakening of the sublime power of Sabda Brahm - Nada Brahm immanent in the human body, mind and the inner core of the soul are aimed in some higher levels of spiritual Sadhana.
All the branches of Mantra - vijnana and related fields of yoga deal with the study and practice of rhythmic enunciation of mantras and deep meditation upon the transcendental powers of Sabda and Nada hidden in the former. These areas of research in the science of spirituality and yoga deal with the knowledge of Sabda Brahm - Nada Brahm. The inclusion of the perennial syllable (Oam) and its phoneme Omkar is compatible as well as essential with respect to the compilation of a mantra. Therefore, the science and philosophy of Omkar also fall within the vast domain of knowledge pertaining to Sabda Brahm Nada Brahm.
The Nepalese scriptures on yoga and spirituality mention a great deal on Sabda Brahm - as the basis of all branches of Mantra Vijnana and the science of the eternal syllable "ç" (Oam) and Nada Brahm - as the source of knowledge and realization of the seven eternal notes and the science of Omkar and music.
The elementary practices of Sabda Yoga deal with training, control and refinement of voice and speech. Consistent attempt for observance of purity, truth, precision and softness of skpoken (vocally or in mental conversation via thoughts) words in day to day conduct are prerequisites before one could initiate Sabda Yoga. Gaining knowledge through sacred means like good literature, interaction and learning from enlightened personalities who possess truth and piety of character, and transmitting it to the deserving persons via equally noble mode is also necessary as a preliminary exercise of Sabda Yoga. A disciple (Sadhaka) of this spiritual Sadhana should realize the spoken and written words as live carriers of thoughts, sentiments and inspirations.
The Nada Yoga principle focuses upon the Sadhanas of realizing the spiritual dignity and divine bliss of music through sincere training of the Shastriya Samgita (Nepalese classical music).

Higher level endeavors of Sabda Yoga and Nada Yoga result in the attainment of extrasensory potentials of communication in the higher horizons of super mental intellect and super consciousness. An accomplished yogi of the Sabda Yoga can transmit his thoughts and inspirations to educe and control the minds of others at will. Similar state of success in Nada Yoga enables one to receive cosmic signals, divine voice and the messages of great souls and Yogis from higher realms of spirituality.