Saturday, September 26, 2015


A long time ago, a beautiful dove lived in the deep forests. He was happy-go-lucky fellow, and would often sit on the trees by the lake. He loved to watch the water ripple as if dancing with joy.
One day, he went to the lake feeling very thirsty. As he bent down to drink water, he saw an ant picking up some food and carrying it.
The food was heavy, so it would fall, but the ant would pick it up again and walk on. The dove thought, "What a hard-working ant! She is really great."
Just then, the dove saw the food fall off again.  As the ant tried to pick it up again, she slipped and fell into the water.
The dove realized that the ant could not swim for she seemed to be drowning.
The above felt sorry for the ant. He really admired the hard-working ant and wanted to save her from drowning. The ant was battling for her life in the swift current of the river.
The dove looked around and found a leaf lying nearby. The dove took it in his beak and put the leaf near the drowning ant.
The ant saw the leaf and tried to get on it. After much effort, she climbed onto the leaf.
The leaf floated to the side of the lake and the ant climbed out safely from the water. The ant thanked the dove.
She told the dove that she would always be there if the dove ever needed her. The ant never forgot the dove's kindness.
One day, the ant was crawling around trying to find food.
She saw a man with a gun in his hand.
The ant had seen the man kill some animals before, so she tried to see whom the man was aiming the gun at.
The ant was shocked to see that the man was aiming the gun at the dove.
It was the same dove who had helped the ant. The dove was unaware of the man, and was enjoying his food perched on a tree branch.
The ant knew that the dove's life was in danger. She had no time. She had to do something quickly to save the dove.
The ant quickly ran towards the man. She climbed up his foot as fast as she could.
The man was about to fire, when the ant bit him with al her might.
The man screamed with pain and his arms jerked suddenly.
The gun fired, but the shot missed the dove. Instead it hit the tree and no one was hurt.
The dove heard the gunshot. Before the man could fire his gun again, the dove flew away.]
The man saw the dove flying into the sky but he was too busy scratching his foot, where the ant had bitten him.
By the time, the man got ready to shoot again, the dove had down far away into the sky.
The ant felt dove, just like the dove had saved her when she was drowning.
After the man had gone away, the dove flow back to the ant.
He said, "I am so grateful o you for having saved my life."
The ant replied, "My friend, I did what a true friend should do."

They became good friends, and were always ready to help each other.

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