Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A boy was going to school. He saw a small monkey sitting on a low branch of a tree.
The boy picked up a stone and hit the monkey with the stone.
The small monkey screeched, "Cheese Cheese," because she was hurt.
The boy forgets about it and had a nice day. He studied and played in the school.
But the poor monkey was very hurt. Blood flowed from the wound and she was in a lot of pain.
With great difficulty, she reached her family. They saw the blood and she farther asked, "How did you hurt yourself?"
The small monkey said, "A boy hit me with a stone."
The mother monkey lovingly picked her up and licked the wound, till the blood stopped.
The small monkey was in terrible pain through the wound was no longer bleeding.
Her parents were furious and the father monkey decided to complain to their leader to take immediate action against the naughty boy.
Then they all went to the other monkeys of their tree. They called for a meeting.
All the monkeys sat together and the father monkey said, "A boy hit my small child today with a stone. My child has lost a lot of blood and is in much pain."
All the monkeys shouted, "Same on the boy!"
Another monkey complained, "This boy hit my son too with a stone, sometime back."
"That is too bad. It means that this boy keeps hurting our babies," Said their leader.
"I think we should take revenge," said the father of the monkey who had been hurt that morning.
"Revenge!  Yes, we must take revenge," shouted all of them.
The leader said, "Revenge is not good thing. We didn't like the boy hurting our child, but if we take revenge, we will also hurt the boy. That would not be the right thing to do"
The hurt child then said, "But Sir, this boy hits all of us every day."
All the other monkeys also agreed with what the hurt child had said.
Then, they started planning how they would take revenge.

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