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Human body is formed of five basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Different parts of the body are constituted and governed by mixture of these elements in varying proportions. If the proportion of a particular element increases or decreased beyond what is required, that part of the body becomes diseased. Existence of elements in requisite proportion at a relevant location is considered to be a sigh of good health. There is prominence of one element in each chakra. It is known as the element of that chakra.
When vital breath passes through the hollow Brahmanadi and it collides with the holes of the chakras, sound similar to one produced by playing of a flute, emanates. Sounds like sa, re, ga, ma, flow through the holes of the chakras and they are audible as Yan, Ina, rna, hna, Om, etc. These are known as seeds of these chakras.
There is difference in the speed of breath in different chakras. The pulse of persons having the element of vat, pitta or kaf in prominence moves with the speed of pigeon, frog, serpent or cock etc, and physicians (vaidhayas) diagnose and treat accordingly. Due to mixture of different elements, zigzag passage, whirlpools and coordination of seed etc, a specific speed is noticed in every chakra on account of blood circulation and breathing. This speed is sluggish like that of an elephant or a crocodile, or fast as that of a deer or a frog in different chakras. These speeds are named after the particular animals, which are mounts (vahans) of different chakras.
Different divine energies lie dormant within these chakras. Creation, maintenance, destruction, knowledge, prosperity, strength, etc have been regarded as energies of specific deities. In every chakra there are hot masculine as well as cold feminine elements because without the union of these two elements there can be no movement or life. These powers are known as the god or goddess of the particular chakras.
The five elements have their own characteristics. Smell, flavor, from touch and sound are characteristics of earth, water, fire, air and ether respectively. In accordance with the prominence of the element concerned its characteristic predominates in each chakra. These are known characteristics of chakras.
The subtle energy of these chakras flow in the entire body but it is mainly related to one organ of sense and one organ of action. The symptoms of awakening of these chakras are immediately reflected in these organs. On account of such relationship that particular organ is categorized as the organ of that chakra.

Peculiar names of divine energies viz. Dakini, rakini, sakini, hakini, etc, could be misunderstood to be something like ghost, witch etc, but this is not so. Right from mouth to navel there is a circular chain of letters from AA to ha. The beads of this chain are known as matrikas. On their basis rishis have formulated letters of the alphabet. The Matrika, by which the deity of a chakra is linked, is known as divine energy of that deity. Letters da, ra, la, ka, sha have been prefixed to the word kini, signifying matrikas and thus the words Dakini, rakini, etc have been formulated, which are all names of divine powers. After understanding these definitions, it will be easy for the readers to understand the following introductory information about the six chakras.

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