Saturday, March 5, 2016


There are ample opportunities in this world for the alert and prepared ones. Those who adapt to the demand of the situation and attempt sincerely in the desired direction often make best use of the opportunities. But that would lead to good progress towards a high goal only if one does not deviate from the chosen aim. One should process towards the goal with full preparation, but should also be open to constructive criticism and consequent improvement in one's abilities and strive.
There are very few brave fellows who dare recognize their own flaws and make an honest attempt to rectify them. You should also be like them. Transform your outlook, objective and personality to become a better, more alert and illumined person. Set your goals after thorough review; then plan your actions wisely. Once you resolve to process with what is planned you should stick to it firmly like a rock; no obstruction or difficulty should be able to shake you.  Often it is seen that people start with high hope and grand plans but escape in between. You should learn from their mistakes and be cautious to avoid erroneous approach.
Remember God helps those who help themselves! The world would follow you if you help yourself and reach great heights on your own.

 How to improve our Economy?
The profession of beginning is a curse on our national character. Equally harmful and pitiable is the trend of having luxurious life, showoff via loans and debts. People are seen spending much more than what they should in view of their limited income. Those who enjoy festivals and fun-fares on borrowed money in fact insult themselves and degrade the dignity of life. they have no savings and keep asking for money to their friends and relations in case of emergency or for major purchases under the pretext that they would refund it soon. This habit of borrowing is as inferior as begging. Those having self-respect prefer starving to selling their prestige….
You should know that austerity and assiduity are the basis of wealthy progress of the individuals and the society as well. You should cultivate the habit of living according to your economically planned budget. Cut down on your comforts, even accept hardships if you are short of money. Don't feel tensed or bad about your low income. You can always improve your economy by further hard work and observing a self restrained austere life style.

Extravagance is the worst enemy and disease. Protect yourself from it. If you have more money that should be saved for emergency and utilized constructively for further generation of wealth which would help up-liftment and self-reliance of many others rather than being drained out in luxuries. Money is not for insane joys; its value lies in adding to economic ascent.

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