Saturday, March 5, 2016


While comparing a scientist with a political, James Ruston, the author of the book "Precision of Science and Confusion of Politics" states: - " A scientist knows the capability of his resources and keeps control on them He sets his target and organizes resources on the basis of facts. Then he hands over the management of the planned process to specialized and trained people. The activities of a politician are just the reverse of this - he does not fathom capabilities or the availability of resources. Most of the time politics is engulfed by ill-virtues like bragging, egoism, envy, selfishness, and personal whims. So a politician blindly plays his cards like a gambler and achieves blind results. Governance does not remain always in the hands of active, wise persons with foresight; at times goes into the hands of people who are totally unworthy of it. In their exuberance they initiate big projects, but mostly end up as failures when they face difficulties and by losing control on circumstances. A scientist every moment is aware of the dangers of his errors, while steps of a politician remain uncontrolled and take uncertain directions like that of a drunkard".
Many world famous thinkers like H G Wells have been voicing their concern that the control of the future of humanity has unfortunately slipped into the hands of blind politics. This control needs to be taken away from politics and the basis of governance should become science, which means utilization of specified resources by the best of people to achieve the highest of ideals.
Communal religion or the perception of religion by most of us today has to be refined through spirituality. The control of politics should not go into the hands of egoists and whimsical minds. It should be handed over to those foresighted people who are capable of building up systems of general welfare based upon factual information and truthfulness. This is the seer- like insight of Saint Vinoba and this is his forecast for the new world order. This change is essential for the glorious fulfillment of humanity

[A fowler/hunter wanted to be consecrated by a great saint. The saint had a rule of swearing in the vow of following nonviolence as the teacher's reward (guru-dakshina). The fowler could not do without catching birds and so he didn't agree to the condition. Then the saint suggested him an easy way out. He said -"For now, you swear to be merciful to at least one bird, and then slowly increase the limits of your oath." The fowler greed to it and introduced himself to the faith of nonviolence by at first avowing not to kill the crow. He continued thinking about the nonviolence and gradually kept on increasing the perimeter of his confinement. After a few days he became a great nonviolent saint.

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