Saturday, March 5, 2016


 Women have the same right as men in respect of worship of Vedmata Gayatri. To convert inertia into momentum two objects of opposite qualities which attract each other are required. Electricity is generated by attraction and repulsion of negative and positive currents. Electrons and protons of an atom get activated on account of their mutual give and take. This conscious creation has been divided into male and female forms to make the eternal animate creation alive; otherwise this universe would have remained enveloped in in-conscience. Union of rayi and pran energies results in chaitanya. If there is no union of male and female elements, consciousness, pleasure, pulsation, speed, activity, growth etc. will all disappear and in-conscience will reign supreme in the universe.
Male and female elements supplement each other. One is incomplete without the other. The importance, utility, position and rights of each are the same. Those who say that women have no right to chant Gayatri Mantra, which is a ved-mantra, are completely mistaken. Of course, uneducated, unwise and impious women are like Shudra, and due to their own mental state they become deprived of the right of Gayatri worship.
Women have equal right with men to perform all Sadhanas relating to Gayatri. It has  however, been observed that housewives who are ever much busy in household chores, who have small children to look after and are unable to maintain cleanliness cannot find time to take up difficult Sadhanas. They have to be provided with a technique of Sadhana which is easy and does not take much time. Those who cannot remember full Gayatri Mantra can make do with chanting the grief Panchakshari Mantra (Om Bhoor bhubaha swaha). During the period of menses they should suspend regular Sadhana. The performance of Anusthan, if it is being done, should also suspend during this period. It can be resumed on the expiry of this period, after taking bath.

Issueless women or those whose children have grow n up, unmarried women or widows, can conveniently per form Gayatri Sadhana like men. In routine, Sadhana it is not necessary to observe specific rules and restrictions and there is no bar to discharging normal marital functions. But during specific Sadhana or Anus than, the rule of observing Brahmacharya is to be strictly followed.

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