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When the Sadhak does not find a way out and his Sadhana does not progress for a long time he should consult his experienced Guru (spiritual teacher) and proceed according to his advice. In this way gradually, after piercing through all the six chakras, the Sadhak reaches Kundalini located at Mooladhar and gets a glimpse of that volcanic, terrifying serpentine coil of gigantic energy, Maha-Sarpini. The overwhelmingly violent form of Mahakali is seen here. Several Sadhaks tremble violently when they try to awaken this sleeping tigers.
The dormant Kundalini requires to be hit hard if it is sought to activate it. In spiritual language this is known as "torturing of Kundalini". By such torture, the excited Kundalini makes a hissing sound and awakens and its first targets of attack are negative habits, tendencies and desires accumulated over the past several births. It chews-up these evil sanskars and rides upon the chest of Sadhak's mind duly armed with all her weapons, destroys his material illusions and ignorance and transforms him into godliness.
The process of awakening Kundalini and exciting it has been described in the ancient scriptures in an extremely symbolic of voting style. The battle between Mahisasur and Durga is symbolic of this spiritual secret. Mahisasur (human mind consisting of five elements), seeking to attain salvation and inspired by the desire to be killed at the hands of the Goddess, enters into battle with Chandi (Kundalini) who is sitting silently, and attacks. The Goddess gets infuriated and counter-attacks and chews up its mount. Mahisasur (he-buffalo). This Mahisasur is nothing else than a bundle of evil. Sanskars. Goddess Chandi (Kundalini) destroys the body of Mahisasur (the material trend of the mind) by her ten arms from all directions and ultimately Mahisasur merges into Chandi's Light. It becomes a part of Maha-Shakti and attains the supreme goal of life. This furious form of devotional Sadhana is extremely fierce and hazardous. This is known as the path of battle (Sadhana Samar).
Whereas several devotees attain Divinity by love and devotion, there are others who attain it through Sadhana-Samar. Just as a true lover attains God, a true enemy can also attain Him. Hath-yogis and followers of Tantrik Sadhana fall in the latter category. Awakening of Kundalini is a warrior like (veerochit Sadhana) on the basis of which in significant individual soul can become great, a living atom transforming itself into the all-pervading Divinity.
While performing Sadhana of Shat-chakra, the Sadhak should enter into Brahamnadi and meditate on the chakras daily.  Starting from five minutes the daily practice can be extended up to thirty minutes. But extending the duration beyond thirty minutes is harmful, as intense heat is produced by such meditation, which cannot be tolerated after a certain limit. The mind should be brought back to the trikuti and meditation should be brought to an end.

Needless to say, while doing this Sadhana, a Sadhak should observe Brahmacharya, take only Satvik food once a day, remain in solitude in a healthy atmosphere and maintain regularity in his daily routine. By piercing of Shat-chakras and awakening of Kundalini, a Sadhak can have a glimpse of the Supreme Divine Energy in brahmarandhra and thus attain several great Siddhis (occult divine powers).

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